Scarefest Countdown No. 10: Nightmare on Elm Street

I admit it. This movie scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. Now, Freddy Krueger is a cartoon character and it’s hard to take the horror persona seriously. 61 more words


Scarefest Countdown No. 11: Shaun of the Dead

This isn’t a parody of the great George Romero zombie movies as much as a loving embrace. I’ve spoken to Romero about “Shaun” and he loves it. 163 more words


Scarefest Countdown No. 12: Hellraiser

Took a great concept, ran with it and didn’t look back. The film goes right for the throat (and eyes and arms and legs) with great special effects and a really creepy total lack of morality among the principles. 70 more words


Scarefest Countdown No. 13: Creepshow

This was Tales of the Crypt before HBO took over and it’s getting huge bonus points for that series, which was the biggest gift ever to horror fans. 173 more words


Best Books I read in 1986

By Dom Nozzi

The following books are the best books I read in my first year as a town planner for Gainesville, Florida. They are books that influenced how I see the world, and many are the books I most refer back to in conversations with others. 194 more words


Scarefest countdown No. 15: An American Werewolf in London

We’ll be featuring the top 15 horror movies of all-time leading into Halloween. John Landis gets credit for taking a dead genre, the werewolf movie, and reshaping it in a very classical way but from a modern perspective. 127 more words


The Top 25 Players in The History of Basketball

The following list is derived from the following criteria listed below by importance:

Innovation/ impact on basketball as a whole

Dominance on the court

MVP’s… 3,725 more words