Scoring and receiving the ball back

Throughout the years, college football has made numerous changes in scoring values and also ways of awarding teams.

Case-in-point as an email from fellow college football researcher, Paul Land, presented this question: 1,116 more words

100 Combined Points

Best Movies I Watched from 2011 into 2014

By Dom Nozzi

The following movies are the best movies I watched from 2011 into 2014.

The Invention of Lying

Friends With Kids

The Ledge… 129 more words


30 People Discuss The Scariest Movie They've Ever Seen

Horror is such a subjective experience. Something that is terrifying to one person isn’t the least bit scary to someone else. We asked 30 people to share the one movie that freaked them out more than any other. 1,036 more words

Federer or Nadal? Who is the Greatest of All Time?

Recently here at the coronado tennis centre myself and one of the other pros, have been having a discussion on who we think deserves the title as the greatest mens tennis player of all time. 1,441 more words


Major League Baseball's Combined No-Hitters

It’s happened 11 times – combined no-hitters – including tonight.

Four Philadelphia Phillies pitchers joined arms to toss a no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves. 289 more words


Newcastle's All-Time Best Premier League Eleven

Thank you to Newcastle Stats (@NewcastleStats) for the article – you can see more of their writing HERE 654 more words

Newcastle United