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The Big Art Brick Giveaway

Brooklyn artist Gail Heidel’s installation Converge, composed of over 1000 handmade, press-molded sculptural bricks, is in its 5th incarnation as a temporary outdoor sculptural wall outside Clay Art Center’s Gallery. 51 more words

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Poverty. Education. Destiny.

During my teacher training, a memorable session was one which nudged me and some of my similarly critically-minded new trainees into seething cynical dissent.

In the session we were being given the well known statistics about how pupils’ educational outcomes in England align with their`socio-economic background. 939 more words

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Primary Curriculum Resource Pack

Over the past year I have tried to create and collate resources which might be useful for primary schools rolling out the new curriculum. Many of these have been shared on this blog, and also on my… 218 more words


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Goodbye-ee Goodbye-ee, Wipe that tear, baby dear, from your eye-ee

A lot of the end of the year is about saying goodbye and wishing everyone a good summer. This should be jubilant or at the very least cathartic – especially when saying farewell to the pupils and parents for the summer. 1,630 more words


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Out of Step

**Disclaimer**  It’s not personal.  It’s societal.  Hold on to your hats.  This is a rant.

There is much about the world today that I don’t understand.  1,085 more words


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Hide not thy sugar with such poison'd words

Early last century in North America, cattle began dying after minor medical procedures. It was quickly discovered that the deaths were the result of the cattle eating mouldy silage that contained a powerful agent which led to the cattle bleeding to death from simple wounds. 1,523 more words

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The Night Walker

I love the holidays.  That moment when you close the door on your classroom on the last day of the summer term with all that time stretched unfilled before you is like no other.  1,080 more words


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