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Teachers ' Workload Survey

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan launched the Workload Challenge survey on behalf of the DfE via the TES website back in October.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says that teachers in England work more hours per week than those in other countries but spend less time actually teaching children. 559 more words

Educating Teachers

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Civil War

A couple of months ago I filled in an online questionnaire.  It’s not an out of character thing for me to do (although it has to be said that it is usually because I hope to profit from my time by being entered in a draw for some sort of Ladies Nice Clothes voucher), but this one was close to my heart in a different way.  1,226 more words


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The Clay Art Center joins Nonprofit Westchester

Along with Ossining Children’s Center, the Clay Art Center now joins the other nonprofits in the area, becoming a member of Nonprofit Westchester, to give the nonprofit sector a single unified voice for the role they play in the economy. 111 more words

Clay Art Center


On Thursday night I presented at the Specialist School and Academies Trust (#SSATNC14) Teachmeet. The theme of my 5 minute presentation was on the issue of staff well-being. 636 more words

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Primary Roll Call - 'Leaders & Thinkers'

Last year I wrote a post entitled Primary Tweeters to follow in 2014. They are still good recommendations, but a year is a long time on Twitter – and blogs. 603 more words


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A Parallel Universe

Tonight Thomas Starkey spoke about feeling like …’ an empty atom in an empty vein’….the dark thoughts which can invade our hours between sleeping and waking and leave us with half formed impressions of helplessness and vacuity…..I am normally one of life’s ‘glass half- full’ optimists but this week I feel like I am existing in a parallel universe where the darkness is rising steadily and inexorably. 504 more words

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The Growth Mindset : Telling Penguins to Flap Harder ?

I’m not sure whether this particular blog might lose me friends. It’s not intended to, but I’m going to stumble into an area where I know some people have very strong views. 4,925 more words

Education Policy

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