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Quick Loaf

How many times have you wanted to make a loaf, looked at the clock and thought ‘No not enough time’. Or thought yes I would like the loaf but I haven’t time to do all that kneading., and bread machine loaves are sort of OK, but they are the wrong shape and have a hole in their bottom. 191 more words

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Mejadara - Lebanese Onions, Lentils and Rice

OK  I have entitled it Lebanese, but strictly speaking it is Middle Eastern and depending which area you happen upon, so the recipe and the name will be slightly different. 407 more words

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It took me years to remember how to spell this  – what sort of name is that, it takes two read throughs to get my teeth around it – I pronounce it ‘off-eye-oh-po-gone’, but it’s probably wrong. 95 more words


Soy Bean Pate

I do like to spread a pate on sandwiches at teatime, but shop bought pates do seem to me to be expensive, and it is so easy to make your own. 235 more words

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Red and Green Pesto

Red  and Green pesto is so easy and quick to make and so full of flavour, you will never want to buy another jar of the factory made stuff again. 262 more words

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Cheese and Onion Party Loaf

This is a fun, pleasant and tasty way to start off an evening with friends or family, and is straightforward to make. Although you might need an extra pair of hands to keep the bread still while you are cutting it and loading it with cheese. 274 more words

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Even Garages can be loved!

OK it’s a garage, it’s a functional space, why bother? Well why not bother too? In my opinion, we can all make the place we live in just a little bit lovelier with a little bit of effort.  106 more words