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Fifty: Polygyny in Islam

Husband carrying four watermelons to bring home to his Four wives.

“Should I give one for each wife?”

One store. Same weight.

Equal in sweetness? Maybe not. 277 more words

Life Experiences In Saudi

renungan untuk saya dan untuk kita semua... :)

Ukhuwah yang terpenting…
ukhuwah yang terpenting…
ukhuwah yang terpenting…

Semoga ukhuwah kita tetap terjaga, dan semoga Allah selalu menunjukkan jalan yang ia ridhoi bagi orang2 yang mengharapkan ridhonya dan senantiasa memperdalam ilmu agamanya… 157 more words


The Cross and America: Al Qaeda Meets in Yemen

When I saw the news yesterday morning, I was solemnly reminded that there are people taking their position against the cross far more seriously than some people are holding their position  298 more words


A Life of Ghaflat ~ Heedlessness

A Ghaafil person is one who becomes heedless of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala and the opposite of this person is a Zaakir (one who is constantly in the remembrance of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala). 571 more words


The Light Was Never Meant to be..

Amidst a storm of despair, they spotted happiness and light,

After a period of fall, new hope began to rise among the crowd.

“Finally!” they would chant and would praise their Lord, thanking Him for the sight, 303 more words

Be smart and wise...

O wise and smart ones! It is beyond the reach of the intellect to understand the union with Allah in prayer. It can only be understood by sacrificing the intellect for the Dearest and reviving the heart.

- Maulana Rumi رحمه الله تعالى -