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Greatness of Almighty God

Some years ago, there was a person who did not believe in Islamic Products – so he destructed the team and eventually everyone left one by one. 217 more words


Dia mai dah!


Semalam bermulalah semester terakhir bagi aku, pengajian yang aku hesitate nak mula tapi I managed to survive ke akhirnya *tiup muscle sikit. Semalam juga merupakan titik mulanya sebuah kesengsaraan hidup. 236 more words


Litany of the Little

You are baby’s breath,
Burning incense, a rising flame.
You are me, and I have no name..!

You are the might
Of all seven oceans, all together, 164 more words



A few days ago I got into a discussion about how music doesn’t really absorb my life anymore and how I don’t feel the obsession that I used to. 356 more words

The World is like Water - Imam al-Qurtubi [d. 671 AH]

Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, says:

Tell them, too, what the life of this world is like: We send water down from the skies and the Earth’s vegetation absorbs it, but soon the plants turn to dry stubble scattered about by the wind: God has power over everything.” …

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Tasawwuf (Spirituality)

786. . . Reflections of God !


Let there Be Light

Immortal time traveler


Of the mysteries of

The Light

Upon Light

Before day there was


Out of the darkness came… 503 more words