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Iraqi forces claim to have broken ISIS siege of Shiite town

Fox News,  August 31, 2014:

Iraqi security forces, along with Shiite militiamen, broke a nearly two-month siege by Islamic State militants on the northern Shiite Turkmen town of Amirli, Iraqi officials said on Sunday. 620 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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If true this is great news.



We fry brains in a little olive oil.

It’s so easy: the kids
hate so easily, yeah:

Damn parents,
damn gang,
damn world,
damn the Man… 78 more words

Ali Khamenei

The Ka'aba (House of God)

It’s that time of year again where Pilgrims from all around the world are setting off for the journey of a lifetime: the Hajj. All year round, the heart has this desire of wanting to visit and return back to the Holy Lands; but for some reason, during the Hajj season, that yearning becomes much stronger to visit and in particular to be around the Ka’aba. 217 more words

Healing Hearts

Tahajjud Prayer Hadiths and verses from the Quran

Abu Hurairah reports that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said: “Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, inquiring: ‘Who will call on Me so that I may respond to him? 285 more words


Indahnya Hidup Saat Mengenal Allah

Sesungguhnya di antara tingakatan dan derajat agama Islam yang mulia adalah pengetahuan dan ilmu tentang Allah, Tuhan alam semsta yang menciptakan segala yang ada di langit dan bumi, dengan cara mengetahui nama nama-Nya dan sifat sifat-Nya yang mulia yang telah Allah beritahukan kepada kita dalam Al Qur’an dan sunnah sunnah yang diajarkann oleh Rasulullah… 425 more words


Believers are brothers

A believer is the brother of a believer.
(Sahih Muslim)