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Our Dumb and Dumber Democracy

Freedom vs. Equality

You can have freedom or you can have equality.

But much as Americans may think they embrace these two ideals, the conflicts between them frequently put voters on the horns of a dilemma. 736 more words

Allan Bloom

Trapped in a Thunderstorm with Ravelstein

The thunderstorm came in loud and clear yesterday morning.

Heavy rain, thunder and lightening.

Lots of lightening.

Flashing and booming.

I was inside, safe and warm as it were. 408 more words

Allan Bloom

Ahab leave the whale alone!

Why didn’t Romeo and Juliet tell their dysfunctional families to go jump?

Then the happy couple could have moved to California and lived together in peace. 288 more words

Allan Bloom

Creative Writing: Is There an App for That?

She wanted to be a creative writer.

Her first thought: “Is there an app for that?”

This young woman actually existed and asked this question. 515 more words

Allan Bloom