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Allegiant Makes Controversial Move

Allegiant, a low-cost airlines, has decided to begin charging travelers $5 fee for printing boarding passes beginning this month. They are not the first airline to introduce this fee, as Spirit first introduced a $5 printing fee in 2012 and increased it to $10 in 2013. 66 more words


Service without a smile: why airlines aren't nice

NEW YORK (AP) — Passengers cherish Virgin America for its mood lighting, live TV, fancy cocktails and friendly flight attendants. That nice-guy approach to air travel wins awards and attracts a cult following, but may not fly with Wall Street. 803 more words


Which Airlines Have The Most Comfortable Coach Seats?

“Oh, goodie! I get to sit in coach for X amount of hours! I can’t wait to stretch out and relax,” said no one ever before flying, because in economy class, luxurious leg room and a sweet ratio of cushion to rump comfort is not what you’re paying for. 295 more words

Allegiant's President and COO Andrew C. Levy steps down

Allegiant (Las Vegas) announced Andrew C. Levy, President and COO of Allegiant Travel Company, has resigned from his executive positions with the company and will step down from the Allegiant board. 325 more words

Allegiant Air

Joel Chusid's Airline Corner - September 2014

Guest Editor Joel Chusid

Watch Your Vowels

With millions of passengers flying every day, some are bound to end up at the wrong destination. I’m not talking about diverted or cancelled flights, or even what airlines call “misboards” when someone board the wrong airplane by mistake which, despite all the security regulations and precautions, still occasionally happens. 1,044 more words


Allegiant Air's pilots allege pilot attrition is accelerating at the company

Allegiant Air‘s (Las Vegas) pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224, have issued this statement:

Pilot attrition is accelerating at Allegiant Air as pilots, even senior captains with many years invested, have been leaving in increasing numbers for companies luring them with better and safer operations, better working conditions, better schedules and increased compensation and benefits packages. 638 more words

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Hawaii - Las Angelos - Istanbul - España

I left my beloved home Friday afternoon on Allegiant Air (worst airlines ever) and arrived that night at LAX. Julia picked me up and we set out for Venice Beach the next morning.   818 more words