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Divergent Books Trilogy


And we finally get to the end of a journey. We’ve been in this trip with Tris, we’ve seen her grow up, get stronger, overcome fears, surpass obstacles and yet here we are, wanting to know more, waiting for our happy ending; although, I have to tell you, there’s no happy ending as in all wars that had been in human history there’s always been losts, and as we approach to the end we see some of our lovely characters pass.

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Insurgent and Allegiant

Last month I reviewed Divergent, this month im going to be reviewing the other two in this fantastic three part trilogy

This second book is about what happens to Tris, Tobias and  friends after they leave the abnegation compound. 138 more words

Divergent; Insurgent; Allegiant - Veronica Roth

I realise my last review on here was entirely on Divergent, but in the last week or so I have completed the trilogy.

What I came to notice, quite strongly in the second book, is that the author had probably embarked on this project without fully knowing how to portray her central character. 190 more words


Book Review - The Divergent Series


As my first review on this blog, i chose a series of book that i quite enjoyed.

i read the divergent series in a matter of days, and found myself thinking about it whenever i didn’t have it open in front of me. 342 more words


Day 60

Day 60/100

Today I found joy in drinking a cup of hot tea, with a fresh warm blueberry muffin, and reading the book “Allegiant”. What a perfect way to end the day. 87 more words

I'm Embarrassed By My Kindle Library

I was recently having lunch with a pastor friend of mine who has three decades of ministry experience on me. I had asked him to meet up so I could spend some time learning from his wealth of experience, but before diving into the deeper conversation we played catch up while choosing our entrees. 896 more words


The seven scenes in fantasy literature that made me cry

There are some critics who claim that fantasy literature is in some way a soft option; that in choosing to write in a more fantastical world, telling emotional character truths can take second place to worldbuilding. 675 more words