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Christina Cordero at MRAG

Christina Cordero’s exhibition ‘Allegories’ is currently showing until the 22nd February 2015 at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, 230 High Street, Maitland.


Shut up and draw!

You wanted it, so here it is.

Finally a place to gather a more intimate view of my artwork, ideas, musings, news and probably…just probably, the occasional rant. 37 more words


Dead Like Me

…was a TV series that ran from 2003-2004.

Here’s the opening sequence:

And they did a movie called, “Life After Death” in 2009:


Check it out on… 319 more words


Snowpiercer: The Train As Capitalist Society And The Universe

Post-apocalyptic art–whether literature or movies–is provided, sometimes all too easily, ample opportunity for flirting with the grand, for making sweeping statements about human nature and the meaning and purpose of life. 487 more words


Porcupine Fends Off a Pack of Lions


Porcupines are: better than you.

Read more about it on Mashable here


The Sadness of the Maya

One day, all the animals drew near to a Maya man and said to him,”We do not like to see you so sad.  Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it.” 225 more words


Jose Saramago's Blindness, And Its Many Visions

Jose Saramago‘s Blindness is a very funny and a very sad book. It is a very sad book because it is about a cataclysmic event–an outbreak of blindness in an unspecified place and time–and the breakdown of social and moral order that follows; it is very funny because this apocalypse of sorts provides an opportunity for the novel’s author–an omnipresent narrator–to deliver an ironic, caustic, hilariously satirical black commentary on the people–unnamed ones, all of them–and the culture affected by this mysterious outbreak. 443 more words