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CHRISTIAN NEWMAN - "The Soldier's Array"

He stands against the enemy, a thousand demons before him with Satan at their head; a seething mass of howling, tempting, lying rejects from Grace boasting and taunting him as he stood on the battlefield, seeming to be one lone soldier before the fray. 819 more words


Allegory submitted by Thomas S.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a game about a character named Link who has lost his friend, Navi. He also is ambushed by the masked Skull Kid and his accomplices Tatl and Tael who steal his horse. 36 more words


Allegory submitted by Leo H (finally)

The day the Earth stood still.
In this 1951 film, it shows the definitive case of an alien character representing the best of humanity. Bearing the “Christ-like” name of Carpenter and capable of surviving death, the director’s extraterrestrial is at first an in the shadows type observer, rather than a grandstander – though his peaceful credentials are mitigated by his giant killer robot and ultimatum that humanity stop being nasty or face annihilation. 25 more words


Allegory submitted by Yugam S.

Allegory: Gulliver’s Travels

Nearly the whole book is an allegory. Almost every character in the book represents someone historical. For example; The Lilliputian Emperor represents the emperor or England at the time who was George I.


Allegory submitted by Tova P.

Horton hears a who, written by dr. Seuss

This story was written during the Cold War, which Dr.Seuss was greatly influenced by.
As the jungle animals are representing the Americans, and the Who’s living on the speck, the Russians. 68 more words


Allegory submitted by Carl B

Farmer Jones symbolizes Tsar Nicholas II who was overthrown in Russian revolution at 1917; Old Major is a joint symbol for Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. 82 more words


Allegory submitted by Nathanael A.

Wall-E is the last thing alive left on the planet earth. The plot is based on how the world will look like a long time from now. 41 more words