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Food Suddenly Hates Me (Part 2)

Back in August of 2012 I wrote in Part 1 about my discovery of both newly acquired food allergies and a gastrointestinal condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome that appeared to be a possible cause for those new allergies. 2,461 more words


Why Essentially us?

  Over the past year I have been using essential oils and teaching others about the therapeutic effects.  I have seen a lot of positive health benefits with these oils and my family members are all using them too.  301 more words

Essential Oils

Can I have some pain meds...

I bought some Melatonin for Nicole yesterday to try to help her sleep.  It works great for me and I have been giving her benadryl but with her allergies I don’t want to make her intolerant to something else.   177 more words


City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Endurance

Our weekend in Philadelphia was so epic that it would take 10 blog posts to sum up it, but fear not – we’ll limit it to 2…or 3. 1,478 more words


Why Isn't My Brain Working?

Brain issues are scary. Not being able to remember peoples names, or find familiar objects, loosing things, coordination issues, getting muddled when speaking or not fallowing when other people are talking can be upsetting and a lot of us avoid thinking about what might be wrong. 739 more words


Day 11: Dogs

After our move to the country we figured the next step was to get a dog. We did some research and tried to pick a breed that would do well with little kids around and room to run. 762 more words