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I sit writing this from the discomfort of my couch, in a dark room, drinking hot tea with cool washrag on my forehead. I have six theories as to why I am feeling so icky:  494 more words

Unhealthy habits lead to allergies, other health risks

Story written by Aimee Hagnauer.

COLUMBIA — What you are eating might be eating you.

A rich, fat-filled diet can lead to health problems, but the relationship between diet and health goes deeper. 427 more words

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My Experiences With...Allergies

Hey everyone! Recently, I’ve been to an allergist, and before that, I’ve been suffering with allergies. For a long time. Today, I wanted to share with you my experiences with allergists and my allergies. 519 more words


We might be causing nut allergies without realising it

A couple of months ago a Medical Research Council trial at Addenbrooke’s Hospital offered hope that there might be a cure for peanut allergy.

Those with this allergy risk… 346 more words


Healthy Food in a Hurry

Last weekend I was invited to attend a Thermomix demonstration. Who could say no when they offer to cook you lunch? And lunch was good – it started with strawberry sorbet, obviously to cleanse the palate (so to speak) and then we had a herbed dip, a beetroot salad, a vegetable soup and chicken veloute with freshly made bread rolls and to finish an amazing custard. 392 more words


A Shopping Interview Meeting Day

Today was a rather full day by my standards, which admittedly are pretty low. I got up early (well, earlier than I have been) and went grocery shopping. 548 more words

Fiji - our first overseas family holiday!

We recently went on our first overseas holiday as a family. (My parents and sister also came with us). Sienna’s allergies were always in the back of our minds when we booked to go to Fiji, but we did our research. 513 more words