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The Days of Limitless 'Allergies' are Numbered

WASHINGTON – Americans have always enjoyed the right to have a limitless numbers of allergies, but after new CMS guidelines were approved this week, all patients will be limited to a maximum of 3 allergies as of Jan 1st 2015. 24 more words

The Dairy Life, Yoga Withdrawal, and Writing Critiques

I’ve been on a deadline (per usual this time of year) so I haven’t been writing much. But today my next job is late so I am free…FREE I SAY! 809 more words


Winter Time Respiratory Health

An article in “Atmospheric Environment”: microbes and allergens that normally float in moist air will settle and stick to the moisture of our skin and sinuses when the air is dry. 93 more words



As the allergist made a point of saying to me this morning, for today I am not allergic to insect stings. My risk of an allergic reaction is the same as any person who has never been stung before. 341 more words


Milk Allergy vs Lactose Intolerance

Last week I dragged myself into the allergist doctor. I’ve been delaying this appointment for years. Unfortunately I’ve become leery of specialist doctors. There are only so many misdiagnosis a girl can take though. 1,048 more words