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Is the Pollen Count Helpful in Medical Practice? Yes and No.

Now that the weather has turned warmer and more pleasant, TV news anchors and meteorologists need something other than the weekly snow fall and deep freeze to grab your attention. 866 more words

Allergy (Atopy) Treatment and Prevention

The allergy is an infection often times called atopy. People experiencing allergies are often sensitive and painful to multiple points. Chemicals that cause reactions sometimes are dirt, insects, pest stings, ingredients, shape spores, drugs, dog dander and pollen. 14 more words

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Switzerland's National Day of Allergy 2014

March 27, 2014 – Today marks Switzerland’s 6th annual Journée Nationale de l’Allergie (National Day of Allergy), which is organized by the aha! Centre d’Allergie Suisse… 204 more words


Eye Allergy Signs and Its Treatment

One of many eye allergy symptoms which can be popular is vernal keratoconjunctivitis. Which means you’ll experience some amount of scarring on the cornea. In the course of time you’ll realize that vision is fixed. 20 more words

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And Two Years Later...Ruminations on Purim, Food, and Other Stuffs

I started this blog two years ago yesterday. Time flies, huh?

I remember going to the allergist for the first time two years ago, getting my test results, and freaking out that Purim, the Jewish holiday that involves not only a meal but an exchange of food gifts (imagine Halloween + Thanksgiving) was days away, and I didn’t know how to eat. 1,152 more words

General Life With Allergies

Allergies are here....

The last six months have been an allergy nightmare! Living in Florida means a limited winter so we have different things blooming all year round. Great for nature; bad for me. 584 more words


What is LDA (Low Dose Allergen) Therapy?

LDA – Low Dose Allergen Therapy, is a therapy originally called EPD or Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization and was developed in Europe by Dr. McEwen. Dr. Shrader (A Fellow in the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and Diplomate of the International Board of Environmental Medicine) brought EPD to the U.S. 605 more words

Food Sensitivities