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Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting 2014: Dublin, Ireland

As a parent of a child with food allergies, I am always seeking out the latest news and research in an effort to improve my son’s overall health and quality of life. 820 more words


Chart Your Patients' Asthma Visits Like an Expert

This time of year brings changing weather and an uptick of respiratory viruses. For most physician offices, asthma visits rise with these trends. The diagnosis of asthma is often not the hard part; patients short of breath with coughing and wheezing make for a simple diagnosis. 488 more words

Avoid Allergies And Breathe Easier With The Following Advice

For many individuals, allergies are more than just a a seasonal problem. They are a problem year round, and result in frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to live with. 301 more words


Acute vs. Chronic Urticaria: What You Need to Know

Urticaria can be a debilitating condition. Patients suffer with a sometimes diffuse rash along with pruritus that can drive a person crazy. Dermatology offices are often the first referral destination for urticarial patients, but the complex issues surrounding these patients extend beneath the skin. 358 more words

BBC's Horizon Explores Potential Causes of Allergic Diseases

New research suggests that changes to the bacteria inside our bodies may be linked to the growth in allergic diseases. Horizon, a BBC Two science program, covered this topic during a recent episode entitled, “ 675 more words


Tips You Need To Know If You Have Allergies

There are people all over the world that deal with allergies. Allergies can be caused by pollen, food, pets and the like. If you are an allergy sufferer, you are certainly looking for some relief from the symptoms you experience. 264 more words