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So, what's the deal now?

I’ve had trouble with my digestive system for years. Right back to my early teens in fact. Prior to that, the only things I know of was an allergy to strawberries, which gave me a great case of hives. 626 more words


Going Gluten Free

*First and foremost I would like to say I am NOT a nutritionist. Actually, I’m not even sure that I am a writer. I am human however and I like many other people have chosen to live a gluten-free life. 650 more words


Should You Be Gluten Free?

Gluten free this, gluten free that….  Many restaurants are even now serving entire gluten-free menus, but what is gluten? And more importantly, should you be going gluten-free as well?   574 more words


Superfood Series: Bee Pollen

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We go through Bee Pollen like we do Goji Berries, it is Ians favorite part of his smoothie and I can even get Addi to eat it, which is odd cause she is picky, but I roll with it! 321 more words

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Bottles, Babies, Milk and more

It is with resounding delight that I can officially say I have thee most beautiful baby girl. Her name is Summer Stacey Jardien. We loved the name Summer for its beauty and her name just brings a smile to everyone’s face. 410 more words

Allergy Alert: Tree pollen to blame for the sneezing, watery eyes

OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic is warning those with allergies to just stay inside today.

Experts have issued an allergy alert because of high levels of Oak pollen. 86 more words


Tackling Hay Fever with Acupuncture - An Interview with David James Lees

To mark national Allergy Awareness Week in the UK, this interview explores my work with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and their successful role as an alternative and natural treatment for hay fever. 1,371 more words

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