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Update about allergy

Went to see dermatologist today. Finally, taking allergy control pills every 4 hours period is over. Yay!

Of course, there’s rash on my face but that’s far better than last weekend. 12 more words


Allergy Triggers: Don't Give Mom an Allergic Reaction for Mother's Day!

Moms can be sensitive about a lot of things, and we all try very hard not to aggravate them. When it comes to Mother’s Day, it can be hard celebrating with a mom who has allergies. 408 more words

UPDATE - Epi-Pen and Auvi-Q Expiration Dates

I wrote to both Mylan (EpiPen) and Sanofi (Auvi-Q) and shared my previous post “Epi-Pen and Auvi-Q Expiration Date Frustrations” along with the wonderful and informative comments I received from readers and received the following responses I wanted to share here.   455 more words


The New Spa Therapy Treatment You Must Try

Don’t you feel relaxed after spending a long day at the beach? Apparently spa’s have caught on to this blissful matter, and have figured out a way to not only bring it to you at your request, but profit from it as well. 192 more words


Can the Immune System be Trained?

By: Angela Sannapu M.H. Dip.H.Ir., Phoenix, AZ

What would you do if you were allergic to something healthy? Something that is raw, organic and the main ingredient in many different salads and smoothies? 629 more words


Allergies, be gone! PLEASE.

I am beginning to hate summer in America. Ok, let me rephrase that. I am beginning to hate summer in New York.

When some of my friends who migrated here before me said they started to have allergies of different kinds after a couple of years here in the U.S., I got a little worried. 502 more words


Celiac Disease, Depression and the Role of Food in Mood - Gluten Free Gigi

Not too long ago I had posted an article about how gluten impacts and damages the human nervous system.  This morning, I came across an article from fellow blogger, … 1,075 more words

Gluten Free Diet