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Answers to allergic reactions: the culprit is just one protein

Since almost everyone is allergic to something or the other, this study would seem interesting to all. Researchers from Johns Hopkins and University of Alberta have discovered that a single protein is the cause of all allergic reactions to medications and other substances. 126 more words



Everything gives me allergies. So there’s no hope. Another downer, eh? Kahit na iyong unang dalawang pangungusap na sinundan ng isang fragment ay nakaka-allergy. Because of that allergy, it takes a couple of minutes before I can write another two or three sentences.  217 more words


Blame it on LORAC MEGA PRO & my nose situation.

It is 2:02 in the morning and I find myself praying ‘oh dear Lord, let me no be sick.’ You see, being sick is not a pleasant thing, but being sick without a loving spouse or someone to take care of you, well that is just horrendous. 112 more words

I'll Take Mosquitos Any Day

Let’s be brutally honest for a minute. Yes, New Zealand is a beautiful place. Yes, the people here are generally pretty cool. Yes, the beef here is to die for. 249 more words

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