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Oreos In The Pantry

Definition of Anaphylaxis: Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as a peanut or the venom from a bee sting. 684 more words


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Mmmmmm food. Everyone eats. It’s delicious, it’s necessary and you can even get creative with it. Can’t eat meat? Allergic to something? No Problem. I’ve got some great examples for you. 222 more words

Eat Me

Gluten-free – it’s not for everyone

I talk about fad diets on here and my hatred of anything that encourages you to cut anything out of your daily routine completely or starve yourself as I believe that these are harmful and unhealthy – I think that they normalise a difficult relationship with food. 810 more words

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Australian researchers have found a possible key to a cure for people with potentially fatal peanut allergies. 266 more words


What are the differences between atopy and allergic hypersensitivity ?

Short answer: Allergy and atopy are today exclusively used to describe various types of immune dysregulation. Currently atopy is a category of allergy. It covers hay fever (allergic rhinitis), asthma and eczema (atopic dermatitis). 568 more words

Arthur F. Coca

Intolerant London In the news: Coeliac and Gluten-Free News Round-Up, January 27th

In the news: gluten-free and coeliac news update, January 27th

The Little House Kitchen Gluten-Free Café in Kentish Town has experienced a successful opening fortnight. Featuring two businesses based in Camden Lock, the Malden Road pop-up café offers a completely gluten-free menu of cakes and savoury treats along to be enjoyed with artisan coffee and fine Japanese tea. 203 more words


The Allergens in Natural Beauty Products

It is very important to acknowledge that everything is a chemical.  Despite a product being all natural and/or organic the chemicals in the products you use can illicit an allergic or sensitizing reaction.  

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