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Awkward Discovery..

From a distance I spotted this building which looked run down and possibly abandoned…  Access was via an alleyway, as I got closer the graffiti got bolder under I rounded the corner and saw that the building was not abandoned at all… in fact it was conducting a roaring lunch time trade judging by several cars parked on the gravel… it’s actually ‘Penthouse Massage Parlour’…  Not sure of the history of this building but I am guessing it’s had a pretty colourful past, and now I know why I got some strange looks when I walked down that alleyway!

New Zealand

Daniel Paul Keeley


Cooks Hill rapist loses court appeal

Posted Fri 25 Jul 2014, 3:11pm AEST

A rapist described by a judge as brutal and callous has lost his appeal to reduce his lengthy jail sentence for a violent sex attack in Newcastle. 121 more words


Architectural Fusion

  While doing my favorite thing, which is getting lost in every little alleyway i can find, i came across this view. One of my favorite contrasts is how totally different styles of architecture can co-exist in the same place. 95 more words


“59th Minute” in Urban Alleyway

This is part of my Professional Writing course’s Final Portfolio in RMIT University-Vietnam’s SGS campus.

Writing Task 1

Topic: Write about your alleyway/ neighborhood/ home… 561 more words

English Zone

Camp NaNoWriMo Excerpt #2

This post is instead of my usual Reader/Writer Confessions. Enjoy!

You can read excerpt #1 here.

Rhen wished she could have stayed in Stone longer. 626 more words


Makanan di Melaka

Almost every culture in the world can be identified by its cuisine. It bonds a people and unites the world. Melaka with its complex history has a fusionistic food culture. 328 more words