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Who Owns Hip-Hop?: Of Iggy Azalea, Black And Brown Folk

Do you think the criticism aimed at you is misogynistic?
Well, they don’t say that stuff about Macklemore. So, yes, I think it has 100,000 percent to do with the fact that I have a vagina.

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Monster Headphones Sues Beats By Dr. Dre, Claiming Fraud

Monster has sued Beats By Dre, a move which could result in an epic legal battle over the rival headphone companies.

Monster was the original co-designer of Beats By Dr. 239 more words


DeLorean- "Look Alive"

MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK: DeLorean, Look Alive
Is DeLorean underrated, overrated or properly rated?
We’ve been dancing around this thought for a little while now. You see, the rapper is responsible for two of the city’s most noted projects of the past five years, Hood Politics 2: Acknowledgment and Hood Politics 3. 563 more words

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J. Cole "2014 Forest Hills Drive" Album Review

In the days of audacious braggadociousness in the Hip Hop industry, there are still those artists that attempt to bring real content and messages to the game. 912 more words

Ab-Soul "These Days" Revisited: The Spirit Of The Black Lip Pastor

And so, here it is again. That time of the year when you thank the skies above that you survived three sixty five of this chaos called life. 957 more words

Frozen In Time: A Hip Hop Tragedy

Hip Hop has found the Fountain of Youth and lost all self-control, becoming obnoxiously drunk in its waters. Or maybe there’s a time machine hidden from the masses only made available to the fire spitting, “initiated” elite. 565 more words

Social Responsibility? I Think Not.

What does it mean to be an artist? Is it the ability to manifest beauty utilizing any medium within your grasps? To shape, to mold, to give those thoughts within the brain a physical form, to be subject to the scorn and adulation of all. 572 more words