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Allies: Brazilian Consolidated PBY Catalinas in the Atlantic War

During the Second World War, Brazil served as the critical partner in the Allied alliance in Latin America. Brazilian troops served in combat in Italy, as did one of their fighter groups. 144 more words


When I Became a Teaching Moment

As my partner and I were leaving the grocery store yesterday, we heard a woman calling out to us. She brought her two daughters toward us and asked if we wouldn’t mind helping her with something. 284 more words


I am still making a difference...

Since, going into a different field, I have figured, I do not talk about racism as much as I would like.

Although, recently, the white people that I have been having lunch with and sitting with during lectures have welcomed me (I think). 161 more words

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Coming Out Day 2014

It’s October 11th: Coming Out Day. On this day, I will reiterate that I am a panromantic, pansexual, genderqueer MTF trans woman. Furthermore, I offer the following pride flag for my partner, my Ally+: 83 more words