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snatching cats from 'gators

i’m gonna stay away from politics today so here’s a picture of my dead cat instead. her name was stinky and she died a little over a year ago and i cried like a baby when it happened. 1,260 more words

Gemini Springs Park - Debary, FL

Jodi:  Gemini Springs is home to two of Central Florida’s many natural springs where the water is 72 degrees year round.  A bit on the chilly side for this native New Yorker…I mean long-time Florida resident.  1,538 more words

Central Florida

There are alligators under your bed. Or: those aren't raisins they're flies.

My dad was a single parent. He did the best that he could with what he was given. He was given me. Poor guy.

I’m not going to go into my past in this story. 343 more words

Busy Weekend!

We had a very active weekend over at the marsh. On Saturday, ten spoonbills arrived and they began feeding together as a group in the salt marsh!  222 more words

Wildlife Photography

The Mom

There was a woman who was mom to a specific boy. That boy could not, would not fit into any thing she bought him, and actually he just cam home with nothing on but boxers ( that where tied on with string mind you). 286 more words

Short Storys

A National Wildlife Refuge: NOT!


Andrea O'Connell reblogged this on only dreamin' and commented:

I recently took part in a protest involving the decision to allow - for the first time ever - hunting in a National Wildlife Refuge, in Loxahatchee, west of Palm Beach County, Florida.

There's something very wrong with a culture that says it protects animals but allows them to be slaughtered - poached - on the very same sacrosanct part of the earth dedicated to protect them.

To view the photographs and read the story, click here (opens a new window to my photography website):  http://andrea-oconnellphotography.com/2014/08/16/a-national-wildlife-refuge-not/

So, are you wondering where the heck I've been?   I'm still here and thriving but not writing as much as I used to.

I'm following another dream of mine:  Photography.  Been working really hard at it, too. 

I hope you'll check out my work here:


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And.... I will be writing more, in the near future!