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Autumn Riches

“I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” –  L. M. Montgomery

So am I, Lucy, so am I. Before I took up the fork and trowel and embarked on this gardening journey, I naively thought growing vegetables was a summer activity, and you couldn’t do it once the colder weather arrived.   274 more words


Butternut squash and a blustery day…

It’s been an unseasonally warm, but blustery day here in the South-East – the perfect weather for walking dogs through autumn-hued forests and starting the great garden (and allotment) tidy-up. 1,241 more words


Above the waste allotments the dawn halts

My Sunday allotmenteering was a bit less merry last week, as I discovered that my rake had been nicked. I was quite sad. I’d weighed up the risks and considered it unlikely, due to the difficulty of getting over the fences and the fact that it only cost a fiver (and very much looked like it did too). 514 more words

Balcony Gardening

Some things planted out

I’d read the long range forecast and it’d said it’d be mostly mild until at least Christmas. That meant it was well worth risking putting some salad plants and greens out on the plot. 29 more words


Yellow chard

And here’s the yellow chard. It’s in the same bed as the red. If you were planting in your front garden then you could easily use this as colour through the winter. 6 more words


Vibrant Red Chard

Amazing chard – it’s such a beautiful colour. It’s a fairly hardy plant so should last all winter. You cook the leaves by taking out the stem and cooking that apart from the leafy bit. 67 more words




Doing any work outside at the moment is revealing slugs and snails. And lots of eggs. Lots and lots of them. Would you eat them?
I wouldn’t.