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Foraged mushroom - wood blewit

Was in my allotment lately and found this beauty along with a load of friends so i took it home and attempted to identify it. 86 more words

Indoor Allotmenteering.

With the current weather, we’re limited to indoor work.

We’re drying our chili and herb harvest.

And we’re making lots of plans for next year! Again, we’ve stuck with our four bed crop rotation. 250 more words


Tales From The Allotment - Beginning

In July this year, we were able to take on a small allotment plot in Lewisham.

The patch was badly overgrown with weeds and wild grasses, was in a run-down area that can be very intimidating (especially in the evenings), as well as being a long walking distance from our home. 451 more words

A Keen Gardener in Want of a Plot

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a keen gardener, living in a city, must be in want of an allotment plot. And so after several years transplanted from rural Ireland to Newcastle upon Tyne, and planting in pots in the backyard, we decided to finally put our name on the allotment waiting list. 313 more words


Allotment of Shares

A new company comes with at least one share for each of the people who form the company. Some companies never issue any more shares. 705 more words

A Little Bit Of Sunshine On The Allotment

I was reading a post on sunflowers for every occasion over at The Garden Deli which inspired me to go and seek out the different kinds of sunflowers around our allotments. 368 more words