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What I Have Is Enough

It may Feel as though to have a better life, it’s necessary to have better Feelings. I have learned that the Feelings I have right now are more than enough for me to Feel better, no matter what those Feelings are. 984 more words


I Need To Allow Myself To Lose To Feel Better

Sometimes being desperate to Feel happy is the quickest way to Feel miserable. Sometimes we just have to let go and accept that things are not perfect before we can begin to be happy. 360 more words


Winning By Allowing Myself To Want And To Fail

Anything I don’t allow myself to Feel is something that I won’t have any choice in. Whether it’s my eating, or hobbies or being fat. Without my being aware and without allowing myself to Feel, I will be powerless. 1,009 more words


Feeling Better No Matter How Bad It Gets

The more I resist what I am (my body and mind are) trying to Feel, the more I become stuck with it. It’s a funny thing that the more I try to run away from something, the more I’m stuck with it. 382 more words


"Tell" vs. "Allow"

Maybe it’s me, but have you ever experienced that moment in yoga class where a teacher tells you to, “just relax” or “let it all go.”  As if it were that easy! 666 more words