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Angelic Presence ~ Daily Aaron Bit

We also wish to let you know that in your physical form you may find yourself tapped to allow through the energy of Angel through you for someone else. 87 more words


These words made me physically ill

Emotional Intimacy. Trust. Vulnerability. Receptivity. Surrender. Allow. Femininity.

I don’t know about you, but at one time not very long ago, these words made me sick… 182 more words


A LOVE letter to women who run masculine energy…

You know who you are. You are smart, savvy, capable and accomplished. You work hard, you play hard and admittedly you run more masculine energy than most men. 1,026 more words


Is everybody scared?
They choose for you
Fear from outside
Peace they don’t allow
Time to stop

It might seem you that we are on what you would call the “soap box”, in that we are still speaking of not allowing your media to dictate your emotions/reactions. 205 more words

Creating and Manifesting In Your Eternal Present~*

Creator, did you know that The Ancient Egyptians had only 2 verb tenses? These revealed either the singleness of an event or its repetition – in other words – they recognized only The Present or The Eternal Present. 726 more words


Angel Messages - October 16, 2014

Your DAILY message from the Angels


Love, Angels                                 

Yes Angels, thank you!

Angel Messages

Permission to Feel Shitty

I’ve been feeling pretty shitty lately. So shitty, in fact, that I don’t especially want to be writing this post right now. I’d rather curl up on the couch and close my eyes and shut out this world that, at least for right now, holds no appeal for me. 615 more words

Breaking Free