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Friday Focus: It's Time

It is that time of year, when the Universe makes room for activities with the intent of love. The world opens its collective heart and in so doing, opens to magic and miracles. 378 more words


Allow & Auction

Yesterday I facilitated a wonderful 3-hour private painting session with Cindy. We both had a great time, and were pleased with the two paintings we each created. 251 more words


allow an answer

ran out of the seat

and how it felt

like an incredible feat

nothing was called

and yet the phone was ringing

did it always promise to listen… 46 more words


Bad Things and Good People

Does God allow bad things to happen to good people or do good people make bad choices?

Food For Thought

Let Him Do It

There will come a time when we will come face to face with our Dream.  If you’ve been Praying, practicing, wishing, struggling, fighting, crying, scratching, clawing, and reaching to chase your Dream…one day you will catch it. 142 more words


Daily Motivator – Saturday, December 6, 2014

Intend and allow

There is no need to worry or strive. For you are able to intend and allow.

You are so highly capable that you’d be stunned to see the full extent of what you can do. 133 more words


Its Life's Illusions

Its life’s illusions you allow
That life is hard
The good die young
Black or White
There is no gray

This is what we say to you… 314 more words