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Breaking Through Financial Taboos

I spend a few minutes every few days checking out personal finance related articles, on the off-chance that there will be something about financial literacy or a related topic.   321 more words

The Makings of Pretty Woman

I’ve signed up to a few more sites and have had a message from someone on Arrangement Finders (AF). Straight in with ‘I want sex for benefits.’ Let’s call him Closet because he looks gay.  268 more words


Why are all the SDs over the pond?

I’ve lost count of how many messages I’ve sent today. Yep, actual messages instead of winks. I had a look at the SDs in America and they’re hotter, richer and a lot nicer-sounding. 188 more words


Alll Byyyy Myyyseeeellllfffff

Wah! Why am I so lonely tonight? I don’t think I’ve had a single message today on any of my accounts. 

I’ve changed my profile three times. 43 more words


Hello, my droogies, from snowy Tennessee

You know how you move to the south and think, “The weather is always beautiful – I’m going to lie in my hammock and drink sweet tea and be tan all the time?” 849 more words

Sugar Daddy

This is the way to yourself

Full self expression is freedom and Life. Pre-Structured and externally imposed modes of understanding lead to an artificial blindness of our internal experiences. For example when language becomes a mode of perception rather than a tool to communicate that which has been perceived, we get boxed into what already exists instead of creating new “words”. 77 more words

Yes! Pain!

After the fiasco with The American, I’ve had this fear that I wasn’t as protected by the pill as I thought I was. I was eating more, felt a bit sick, my breasts were tender…  124 more words