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Child Labor

When growing up, I would watch movies where kids would beg their parents for an advance on their allowance. It seemed so very important! This would allow the kids to go hang out with their friends, buy that special girl a gift or by an album that just came out. 218 more words

Fatigue & Anxiety

Tired, exhausted, drained, frazzled, depleted, worn out, run down, outta gas, beat, kaput.  Lack of energy is often our first clue something is not right.  If left unchecked, this will often turn to extreme fatigue very quickly. 276 more words

MOOOMMM, He's touching me!!!

I haven’t blogged for awhile because it’s been a super busy Summer!  Hunter went up to see his cousins in Minnesota for a week and then they went to Bible camp for a week after that.   755 more words

Breaking It Off w/ Mr. R

Today, I ended contact with Mr. R because he initiated that he wanted more romance in our relationship. Being with him romantically honestly makes me ill.   194 more words

Sugar Baby

Money Lessons Learned Late

“Be responsible with this,” Daddy said to me as he handed me three brand-new one dollar bills.  I clutched my sweet-smelling cash in my hands and thought I was the luckiest kid on Lasuen Drive.  464 more words


10 awesome one liners

Well, “awesome” isn’t exactly the word that a Mom would use to describe her sarcastic and comedic son’s retorts, but hey, they sometimes make me laugh…just before he gets punished. 292 more words


Get A Teenager to Use a Credit Card Wisely

As I venture out to the mall with my 15 year old cousin, I watch her take out a bright red Bank of America debit card that pulls money directly out of her father’s bank account. 497 more words

Money Management