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Tout Est Bien Qui Finit Bien.

It was Ice Cast 7.5’s last week on board the “Allure”, and all the prerequisite goodbye events were underway.  Going away parties and memorable moments (many of which are hard to remember) filled our days and nights.  1,968 more words

Allure Of The Seas

Blues to Bash

You may assume that ship life is one giant party.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that stereotype is not entirely true.

Most contracts, at some point, involve a phase known as, “The Mid-Contract Blues.”  For some this entails a month of hibernation and sleeping 14 hours a day.  449 more words


Moree Surprises

Every Sunday at 4:00pm, I stand at-ready representing the D3 Muster Station Team in Studio B. With my PDA scanner in-hand, I sign the newly arrived guests into their emergency station for the mandatory Passenger Safety Drill.  355 more words


Driver's Ed

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by guests is whether there’s a Zamboni onboard.  Well, we do in fact have an ice-maker (not an actual Zamboni), that we call the Model 3B.  185 more words


Building Reblocks

Part of being in show business is flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing situations at a moment’s notice. “The show must go on” ALWAYS applies.



Attending a boarding school for 7 years exposes a person to deep, inimitable relationships whose intensity is hard to explain. Living, training, eating, sleeping, and growing with people at such a young age has given me a perspective on social bonds and friendship that cannot be easily translated into words. 


Lips, Queens, and Mimosas

Since I’ve been on the ship, it’s safe to say that I’ve been exposed to a whole lot of life.  Things that wouldn’t have crossed my mind two months ago are now part of my reality. 478 more words