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Episode 208: False Flagstaff

Hi there, welcome to Episode 208 in a series of 1000 podchats with Ben Pobjie & Cam Smith. In this edition we took topics from Twitter. 297 more words

Fireside Chats

Back Ally 5: Coat (pt. 1)

The fifth season of Ally McBeal (2001) was the lowest rated (and least award-nominated) in the show’s history… and while I can’t claim to know what makes a TV series a hit with the American public and critical elite, I can call out some of the factors that made this season one of the most disappointing and repellent for me: 1,460 more words

Crime Time!

A Netflix Weekend

I don’t often watch tv.  In fact, until very recently, the last series I watched was Ally McBeal.

I’d much rather read a book. 81 more words


My Favourite TV Series EVER!!

I have recently gotten BT TV and broadband installed, I also got a new laptop!! This has been fabulous, I will find blogging so much easier with a great new laptop and superfast broadband. 1,001 more words

Being a Lady Lawyer on TV: Your Two Choices

You cold, cold bitch. Look at those cold, dead eyes. You won’t stop until everyone’s in prison, will you? You think everyone is guilty? How can you be so hard-hearted? 331 more words


What else could there be?

I know I have it good, really. An apartment with hardwood floors, a roommate who cooks dinner for me, amazing friends, and lots and lots of football. 323 more words