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Maltese Easter Tradition: Figolli

Want to try something new this Easter?  Bake this delicious almond treat, a part of traditional Maltese Cuisine.

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Cracking the Shell on Nut Milk and Milk Alternatives

There are some specific nutrients we are looking to gain when consuming dairy and not all milk is created equal. So let’s crack the shell on nut milk and see how some popular milk alternatives stack up to cow’s milk when it comes to the nutrition facts label. 739 more words

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Fruit and Nut

Photo sent from field shows 4 month old almond in Sotang. Fruit and nut tree cultivation is part of our agriculture strategy for income generation of the community. Posted April 9, 2014


Despite Drought, Plenty Of Gallons Still Needed To Water California’s Crops

RIPON, San Joaquin County (KPIX 5) – Dave Baker has been farming his walnut orchard in San Joaquin County since 1978. He’s farming a bit differently than what his father-in-law did back in 1944. 414 more words


Morning Rounds, 7:30 p.m.

The tower beds are ready for planting, one half of the big third coming up garlic and the other half I don’t know, I’ll have to check the book; the second third calendula, the happy orange flower that blooms profusely. 560 more words

Soaking almonds and walnuts in water - YUM and full of protein, great as a snack!

So today I am working on finishing an assignment, and I needed some simple and healthy snacks to bring with me to the library, so…. one of my snacks include soaked almonds (simply soaking almonds in plain water – overnight, and leaving them in the fridge). 76 more words

Unbaked Klappertaart

Klappertaart di Indonesia dikenal sebagai kue khas Manado dengan bahan dasar kelapa, tepung terigu, susu, mentega dan telur. Resep adonan tersebut merupakan warisan kuliner saat zaman pendudukan Belanda di Manado. 396 more words