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22 (122) years from the overthrow, 1915 (2015).

Amazing! Hawaii Has Not Been Americanized?

By our understanding, it has been nearly 22 whole years from when Hawaii was transferred under the administration of various governments until today, through the Kingdom of Queen Liliuokalani being stolen. 1,284 more words


More on the wax cylinder of Kalakaua, 1891.


Just before the last call of the reaper whose powerful scythe severed the connections of King Kalakaua with mundane matters, His Majesty was visited by Mr. 154 more words


Report of Kalakaua's death from the "San Francisco Chronicle," 1891.


Last Hours of the Hawaiian Monarch.

Solemn Scenes at the Royal Bedside.

The Succession and the Political Situation.

Sketches of the Dead Sovereign and of the Heirs to the Throne. 2,207 more words


More "last words" of King Kalakaua, 1891.

These are the very last words of King Kalakaua at the colony of Kalaupapa before he left Hawaii nei for California: “You all are good, and gracious; your dwellings are good and so are all things; however as for those who practice sorcery , have them go elsewhere.”  S. 19 more words


Last words of the King, 1891.

Kalakaua’s Last Words Preserved by Phonograph.

Outside the little circle of immediate friends and attendants upon the late King Kalakaua who were admitted into the sick chamber it is not known that for the ten days prior to the monarch’s death an Edison phonograph stood near the bedside. 406 more words


Aloha Aina, 2015.

Expressing aloha ʻāina on the anniversary of the overthrow

By The Hoʻokahua Cultural Vibrancy Group
January 16, 2015

It happened 122 years ago today. President Grover Cleveland describes it in his message to the U. 201 more words


Reformist Party, 1893.

O True Hawaiians, don’t fall for the sweet talking of the Reformist Party , for here they are wanting to push the land into annexation. 17 more words