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King Kalakaua's address in English, 1874.

My People: On this the first anniversary of my birth-day occurring after my accession to the Throne, I have thought it fit and proper that it should be made a day of national thanksgiving to the Almighty God, for His many mercies and blessings to us as a people; and, as it occurs on the eve of my undertaking a long journey to a far country, that you may also on this day implore the Divine protection for me in my absence, and a blessing on my mission. 302 more words


King Kalakaua's stirring address to his people on his 38th birthday, 1874.


I take this day, that being my birthday, to thank the Powerful One for the blessings of our lives as this year nears its close. 369 more words


A mele for Kalakaua, 1874.

A Song for the King.

(This below is a mele sung by the students of the school run by the Catholic Roman Nuns, before the Alii, the King, when He went to see them on this past Sunday, February 22.) 154 more words


Plans for Independence Day, 1885.

The heads of the nation are planning on a great celebration on the 28th of November, that being La Kuokoa. Therefore, there will be a parade on that day; a speech by Robert Hoapili Baker at Kaumakapili for independence day, the one that we are questioning as to whether he has a brain that can compose a speech for that day by himself; and a banquet for the benefit of Kaumakapili Church after the activities at the church are through. 63 more words


Looking back at looking back at the Kaimiloa, 1902.


The Picture above is the Hawaiian Warship, H. M. S. Kaimiloa; on her Deck is King Kalakaua, and some of his attendants behind him. 23 more words


More from the mele aloha aina by G. K. Keawehaku, 1919.

Me he punohu ula la,
No Alenuihaha oluna ae;
Me he onohi ahiahi la,
No Alalakeiki oluna ae;
Me he ua nonoula la,
No Naeheehe oluna ae; 112 more words

Aloha Aina

Section of a sweet mele aloha aina by Gabriel K. Keawehaku, 1919.

Me he lena-alani la o ka Mamo,
Me he ula-weo la o ka Iiwi,
Me he ula-uli la o ka Apapane,
Me he omaomao la o ka O-u, 59 more words

Aloha Aina