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Alexander Liholiho is proclaimed Kamehameha IV, 1854.


Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to remove from this world our beloved Sovereign, His Late Majesty, Kamehameha III; and whereas, by the Will of His late Majesty, and by the appointment and Proclamation of His Majesty and of the House of Nobles, His Royal Highness, Prince Liholiho, was declared to be His Majesty’s Successor. 39 more words


Alexander Liholiho becomes Kamehameha IV, 1854.


NO KA MEA ua lawe aku ke Akua ola mau loa, mai keia ao aku, i ka MOI KAMEHAMEHA III, ko kakou alii aloha mamua iho nei; no ka mea hoi, mamuli o ke kauoha a ka MOI mamua iho nei a mamuli hoi o ka olelo hooholo a me ka Olelo Hoolaha a ka MOI a me ka Halealii ua kukala ia ka Mea Kiekie Liholiho, oia kona hope; 48 more words


James Campbell, 1893.


Mr. Campbell Wants It Hauled Down.

On Saturday the Executive Committee of the Annexation Club swung the American flag across Merchant street, from the Campbell block to McInerny’s building. 398 more words


Render unto Caesar... 1893.

The Pastor, the Pulpit, and the Church.

A pastor is one who travels. He goes far and wide. A pastor is knowledgeable and enlightened; he has spiritual wisdom, and his spirit is filled with aloha and patience; he does not grumble, is not snappy, nor impatient, nor hurtful; he has no contempt for others, when misfortune befalls him. 432 more words


Hale Naua, 1895.

The reverend McArthur who was a devoted friend and follower of Chief Justice Judd, abuses Queen Liliuokalani because the so-called Hale Naua Society, existed during the reign of her brother. 237 more words


Queen Emma, Honolulu Library and Reading Room, and the Hawaiian Historical Society, 1886 / 2014.

The library which was left by the will of the late Queen Emma to the Honolulu Library and Reading Room Association has been all catalogued, and is now upon exhibition at the library building on Hotel street, where the public are invited to inspect it for the remainder of this week, after which the books will be placed upon the shelves for circulation. 66 more words


Queen Emma on Kauai, 1871.

The Queen’s Travels to the Island to the West.

O Ke Au Okoa;—Aloha oe:

At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Lawai was left by the entourage of… 394 more words