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Cross is in full swing!

After picking up discount pumpkins and tearing around my property yesterday I realized that cross is in full swing!! It’s been an interesting start to the season. 539 more words


Rainbow Shots

I watched this video this morning and want to try to diy at my house…HA!


Winter is coming...

The cold and dark time of the year finally arrived…I try to escape as much as I can, although I do love winter- the snow, the crisp air. 253 more words

Commercial Training

Long Solo Flight from KDAB (Daytona Beach) to Dothan, Alabama to Tallahassee back to Daytona Beach. 6500 Feet and nothing much to do…which is better than something to do like a failure of some sort…


Today's Hike: Koko Head Crater Trail

       I have done this hike before, I told myself never again. However, since I have been more active than ever, I decided to give it another try. 104 more words


My Trip: Oahu, Hawaii 2014

Aloha! I wanted to share my photos from my trip to Oahu. I stayed in Oahu for 6 days and had the best time despite the hurricane. 135 more words


Aloha, Aloha

As I type this we’re in the sky over Minneapolis. A riveted tube the size of a supine office tower has just heaved itself into the air with the usual difficulties, my fellow passengers and I staring grimly forward as the fool machine, obeying the laws of physics but little else, shakes and rattles like a gigantic Chevy Vega. 2,730 more words

Mad Love