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How many times do I feel it.

The Lost Part of Me

I can still sense you when I’m alone,
When shadows of memories tease me
Daring me to remember,
I can still taste your kisses
As you kissed away my doubts… 119 more words


The truth? Or lies?

I feel as if no one gives a damn about me besides three people. The three people in my life that I consider important. The three people who I call my friends. 469 more words

Why We Are Lonely

With so many gadgets and distractions and unending ways to entertain ourselves, we have more to fill up our time than perhaps any other generation in history. 458 more words



Don’t lie
To me. I know
That I am destined
To die.

Don’t smile
At me. I know
That your words
Are false.

Don’t take… 59 more words


Alone - Chap 5

Hắn về phòng trọ của nó khi trời bắt đầu đứng bóng. Hắn đẩy cánh cửa, bước vào. Thấy nó đang loay hoay trong bếp, hắn lên tiếng hỏi: 1,261 more words

Why I Need to Love Myself, OR Why I'm Single and Happy About It

I haven’t been in an even remotely serious relationship in well over a year, and it’s been months since I’ve had any interest in a guy. 601 more words