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I’m broken, I’m falling apart
I’m in pieces, glass shards
Life is a lonely road, full of pitfalls
It has bright sparks, and many dark and cloudy days… 120 more words


August 13, 2014

gray mists overhead
hidden amongst green foliage
flower blooms alone

© Amanda Stemen – 2014

Money Motion

“Money alone sets all the world in motion.” – Publius Syrus (42 B.C.)


You Are Never Alone

I know we all feel alone, abandoned, left behind, forgotten, hidden, or even hiding at times. When we go through hard times in our lives, we may feel alone, yet we are always accompanied by our loving Heavenly Father. 575 more words


A Little Princess - Part 1

I do not know who my real dad is.

Do I want to?


Do I wonder what he looks like?


In my own mind – I often go back and forth between wanting to know and not really giving two shits who he is. 1,173 more words

The 20th of August

I started getting better but I relapsed today.

I feel disgusted and relieved, the cuts were deeper than I’ve done before and they started to bleed for quite a long time and I don’t know if some wounds might need stitches but you know… It’s not like I care anymore. 540 more words


Breath Upon Breath

Breath Upon Breath

 Endlessly drifting

In a stony place of hurting

This is my shell of glass and rain

I am standing alone

Only coloured by myself… 165 more words