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Sick Day

Today I’m taking a sick day. Mike is playing in a golf tournament and is gone all day and I have no plans. I haven’t had more than an hour or so by myself since September 3rd, the day I got pancreatitis #2. 255 more words

My Musings

My Intro Version

October has been a busy month for me. Music festivals, trips, classes, friends, family, Diwali…all good things. This weekend was the first time I got a chance to catch my breath. 428 more words



She was at a difficult stage

Like living in the cage

she has the keys to it

No point to go to after opening it. 127 more words


I felt it just now

its like the whole room is swirling around

falling around me

suffocating me in

i seem to have lost all ability to walk

my legs my feel numb… 65 more words

Saturday Mourning

i decided against riding into the plaza

for fear of you being there

i’ll help create that space,

because i wasn’t invited.

so i took myself out again, 42 more words

One Sticky Note = One Suicide

One of the hallways at Brock had a display that made a big impression on me. There are two glass walkways connecting the academic buildings. On one length of windows were several multi-coloured sticky notes, arranged in blocks. 685 more words

New Journey


I look at you and I begin to wonder what became of us. How once you and I would never have a second to be alone together yet now my days are a lonely ocean I am drowning in. 70 more words