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A path of life

Everyday he walks alone,

Down the road,

step by step, stick in hand,

across the stone.

Hat, scarf, and coat,

whatever the weather;

wind, sun or rain, 42 more words

Yes, that's right. With a K...

So, this is it. The start of the rest of my life. I try and not use so clique lines, but in this sense, it’s probably the best way to describe my situation. 540 more words


Awaiting :)

You are the soul to my dwelling veins..
The madness of your breath always stands in me..
Always fighting with yh is like enjyng…
Yeah i stay off from you but you stay so close to me.. 174 more words

Before i say good night

Hi to everyone out there,
It is now 1.30 am here in South Korea and i can feel sleep is near. I wanted to do one more post before i fall asleep and so i decided to share a piece of writing i did when i was in a clinic about a year ago. 250 more words


Being an Introvert

I took a Myers-Briggs personality test a while back and discovered, though I was not at all surprised, that I am an introvert, and not only am I an introvert but I answered 98% of the questions regarding I or E as I. 413 more words


Not Here

I read it again. Breath quickening. He doesn’t want this, he doesn’t, he doesn’t! He’s saying so. I knew it. I knew I was not dreadfully mistaken. 896 more words

Self Indulgence

Walking Away

One step further that won’t be taken back
Spontaneously made to be given less time to react
A step that is a means to an unforgiving end… 47 more words