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Don't feel like talking?

As of now neither one of my best friends is talking to me. One of the reasons is that one doesn’t feel like talking… But maybe I feel like talking?? 131 more words


My phone stays silent for days.

It´s dead.

I make an effort,

but they push me away.

Where I live,

It´s lonely,

It´s cold.

No one to talk to, 6 more words


Friday Poetry ~ The Sword

I have several lovely swords I have gathered over the years. But the first one I acquired is my favorite. I found it in a movie prop shop when I worked for a major studio many years ago. 244 more words

Some people make you feel lonely

Have you ever met someone who has made you feel how lonely you are? Have you ever met someone you reminds you about your past? Have you ever met someone who reminds you what you used to be and now what you are, someone who reminds you about your life and journey from where it started and now where you are? 368 more words


False Pretences

Things aren’t great,
We’ve known that for a while,
But I never thought your love
Would have to stand to trial.

I knew from that very first threat… 159 more words



Seriously so depressed right now. I think I might fail my economics exam which is equivalent to about 30% of my total grade. I’m still in school waiting for my sister to finish her org activities. 91 more words