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Thanksgiving, a mixed bag…..

Most of my posts usually come from the dark side of my life, a vent that always seems to make things better. With the approach, hell, the arrival of the holidays I find myself dealing with a mixed bag of emotions and feelings, really it’s quite the quandary. 472 more words


Turning Korean

When friends and family tell me I look like a Korean now, I do not think they are serious. But recently I have been mistaken for a Korean by Koreans. 476 more words



my hope has all but deserted me,
only desolation remains.
my mind races,
fixated on what might have been
i can find no contentment… 87 more words


She is sitting alone in her room again. wondering what was wrong. The room smells like sweat and newly ironed clothes. It’ not really her room, though. 187 more words


Things are starting to look better

Okay, I found a place. Yay!!!!

For the last three weeks, friends have help me with keeping me from sleeping in my car.  It was not a fun experiences the opposite. 286 more words


Why you care what society thinks of you

Have this thought ever crossed your mind? “Why the hell do I care about what people think about me?”

For reasons unknown to me, I use to almost always, worry about what people think about me. 1,046 more words