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You Don't Owe Anybody Anything

You are a human. You have strengths and weaknesses. You have gone through shit and you’re tired sometimes. You have nights when you feel alone and betrayed. 114 more words

Child of the Sky

The clouds moved in suddenly, strangely, and they sat there, suspended by strings. Oh how I wanted to climb a ladder up high and sit myself upon one of them and forget everything that ever happened. 97 more words


The Sultan

Slowly he walked to the top of the dune

the sun beat down upon him hotter than before

He reached the top and looked over the ruins… 90 more words

The Washing Machine's Lament

Yesterday for the dVerse Pub-Talk, Brian Miller was talking about trying to see things from a different perspective. ┬áThen, for today’s prompt, Mary has asked us to write poetry in response dVerse’s very own “artist in residence”, … 161 more words


And honestly...

This hurts
Hurts like hell
It takes my breath
But I ripped the band aid off
And I survived
And honestly
This pain gives me something… 109 more words


The Past is the Past...

I almost made a huge mistake this evening.

I went to meet up with the one guy I’ve probably ever truly been in love with. He was the person who gave me the most strength, time, compassion and love. 941 more words


20 something

Standing there looking out into the mountains seeing the perfect beauty of the world and feeling so whole. And in the same heartbeat feeling so empty because I had nobody to share it with. 73 more words