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Guest Blogger Margaret Marcuson on Money and Your Ministry

As we try to manage both the flow of money into and out of our churches and our lives, and also our own relationship with that flow, there is a way forward. 570 more words


the road less traveled

the longer I walked
the authentic path
of the heart
the more I knew
that anyone who
ever uttered
the words,

I never said
it would be easy…
53 more words

Along The Journey

Learning Is Not An Outcome of Teaching

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning

The counter-intuitive notion that learning is not an outcome of teaching can be a challenging concept. This is natural, for several reasons. 656 more words



he wasn’t much
for status, or image
or pleasing people,
he was a rough
hewn gem, exactly
as he was

but he loved her
fiercely… 23 more words

Along The Journey

lonely notes

I didn’t always know
how to navigate
through life’s
new jungle

how to share my vines
and make room
for two in a tree house… 75 more words

Along The Journey

Human in the Brain

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning

Adam Kieper wrote a review of Michael Gazzanig’s book, Human titled, The Synapse and the Soul. 418 more words


bowl of cherries

life was just
a bowl of cherries
with a manmosa
on the side

they talked of
rainy days and
breakfast scrambles
and this thing we… 17 more words

Along The Journey