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Writing for Q Ideas on Mental Illness

I have been doing some writing for Q Ideas. My most recent post is titled “Of Many Minds on Mental Illness” which you can see here: … 33 more words

Along The Journey

The Tornado

What is the definition of a tornado?

According to the dictionary it is a violent and destructive storm in which strong winds move around a central point.  639 more words


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For anyone interested, this is a new blog started by my wife just last month. She is writing about our journey with our son who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This is the first post. Feel free to leave comments as you go. The hope is to create a network of people supporting one another as we support loved ones with mental illness.

Due North

We walked to the food truck
to get hot sandwiches beneath
a happy sun.

We spoke of gingerbread houses,
little white dogs and how far is heaven, 47 more words

Along The Journey


I’m headed back from Phoenix after a warm and wonderful weekend of friendship and sunshine.

With about 5 minutes before I board my plane, I have no time to write anything substantial, other than a personal reflection on my gratitude for lifelong friendships where you see one another through different stages and watch each other grow with grace, dignity and all the usual growing pains that accompany living life and opening your heart to what the world has for you. 68 more words

Along The Journey

Concerning cookies, mimosas and worth of self

It’s been another long weekend of running. I am happily sitting here eating cookies and drinking mimosas to celebrate a) Completing another weekend of training b) A free and sunny Sunday afternoon c) Sitting- I would like to celebrate simply sitting for a change. 396 more words

Along The Journey


The sky covering Anchorage is amazing this morning. Between the nuances of all the grays, the streaks of soft to fluorescent pink and the golden tinged blues crinkling it’s edges, I figure there must be over 100 tones of colors gracing it’s palette.   579 more words

Along The Journey

Invincible Summers

I wrote a poem back in the spring called “Sunshine In.” Life wasn’t feeling very sunny despite the fact that the land was waking up from a long winter’s nap and stretching it’s limbs towards life, love and warmth. 604 more words

Along The Journey