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'I took off my hair': young Edmonton woman, tired of hiding who she truly is

Watch above: For years, a local cheer team coach hid a secret about her appearance. But, Amanda Greenough recently went public about her condition. Su-Ling Goh has her story. 605 more words


Heart Sale at ADR

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month… ADR Creative Hair will be hosting a Heart sale, come in and show your support!!

Just scheduled our next family consultation giving our services, time, and expertise to make sure it’s the perfect match   

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Hair Loss? What to Do

Do you get a bit of Hair envy when you see a colleague or friend with luscious full mane?

Well, you’re not Alone

We all can’t be blessed with great hair. 760 more words

Bald Reality

How do you know if you have Alopecia Areata? Generally, the first symptom is that you will notice a small bald patch or patches. It is typically a round or oval spot that is completely bald and feels smooth. 413 more words

Being a liar for the day

It may be difficult for us to admit, but I’ll say it: we are all liars. Every woman (and maybe some men, I’m sure) has lied over and over about her opinion of her body. 545 more words

Top 3 Cat Skin Disorders

Feline Alopecia (or bald spots). This cat is itchy with a capital I. He’s probably biting at his hair — a lot — and may be experiencing behavioral problems. 289 more words


Skin Skoop - August 2014 - Issue 8

Bobbi Edwards, M.D.     |     Nicole Rataj Casady, PA-C

Central Centrifugal Cicatrical Alopecia – A Type of Scarring Alopecia

We see many types of hair loss (alopecia) in our practice.  566 more words