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10 Pairs of Commonly Confused Animals

It’s a situation familiar to almost everybody: the slowly creeping doubt that sets in when, for example, the gift left by a cat on the doorstep could be either a frog or a toad—or when the animal devouring your little brother… 1,034 more words


Fiestas Patrias

As if the Santiago festival goings-on weren’t exciting enough, it’s also Independence Day in Peru today!  And, as they do best, the Peruvians celebrate their… 607 more words


Love, Loss and an Alpaca called Steve - Inspired by a Facebook comment I made

“Okay Colin we read you loud and clear, we’ve received your coordinates and our estimated time of arrival is going to be in four and a half hours time. 990 more words

1000 Words

Get out of Town: The Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington

While driving out to a camping spot in Oso last weekend, I passed by a sign with an arrow pointing to Kangaroos.  I certainly wasn’t in Australia, so at the campsite a friend and I decided to do a Google search for kangaroos in Arlington, and found out about… 473 more words


Summer Summary- June and July (warning, contains a cute alpaca!)

Like lots of people I do love summertime and this year has been a beautiful one so far. There is nothing like the sound of lawnmowers and the smell of a BBQ wafting over from the neighbours garden. 530 more words


Fibery week

In addition to our lovely, fiber-filled weekend on the island, I have had a very fiber-filled week at home as well. Early in the week it was quite a surprise when I received an email from our fiber mill that part of the order… 211 more words