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Sunbathing Alpacas in the Shire

I often see these dudes when I’m up and around Nipstone, but I’ve never seen them all together before. It seems the sun was a bit too much for them, as they sought shelter under the tree…..so technically, they’re not sunbathing at all. 6 more words


Tour de Fleece, Day Twenty

Not many days left…

Not a lot of spinning time today :( Got the last batt started, at least–

Alpaca...it's what's for dinner!

Allin llachu! That means hello in Quechua, which is the native language of the people on the island of Amantani…which is where we spent last night with a host family! 2,679 more words

Peru 2014

So Soft - Just Don't Pet Him!

Look at that face! Isn’t he the cutest darn thing?

He hates being petted, which is just TOO bad because he’s SO SOFT! Last winter I’d corner him in the stall and pet his neck and he’d scream “Ewwww!” and stamp his little bitty feet. 418 more words


Places starting with C: Currumbin Valley

On Wednesday, my day off (actually the busiest day of the week!) I made a promise to get out and take some photos.  This made my day very hectic at the tail end but it was worth it.  255 more words

Photo Journal

Kershnibbons and blisters.

Today was my day off. So naturally I set to working on a yarn related project anyway! Two hours of snipping and scissoring some old yarn scraps to fill a pillow case. 519 more words


Are we Organic?

I was kind of shocked the first time I was at a farmers market and someone asked me if our farm was organic. “I thought all farmers markets are organic farmers.” I said. 523 more words