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Alpaca Yarn Weave

Yesterday I decided to teach myself how to weave fabric. My grandma had given me some yarn she spun herself from alpaca wool and to feel like I was living in 2000 BC I started the painstakingly slow process of under, over, under, over… 98 more words


Where in the West have we been??

Oh my goodness, it has been quite some time since I was able to be on here!  Wow… time (and summer!!!) flies.  Uuuugh.  This should probably be about four different blogs, but I just don’t have time so I am going to condense it all into this one small bit……  Here goes: 1,029 more words


Wherein The Pajari Girls (and Danny) See a Man About a Camel.

Can you tell I just read A Girl of the Limberlost again?? All the chapters have titles like this. :)

So, yeah. My sister was introduced to this guy named Wally, who is in the petting zoo business and was downsizing. 752 more words

Cook's Country Connection

A great drop - just add pyjamas!

“Do you want to try the best red wine you’ve ever tasted?”, Brian Jackson, the cellar door master asks us the $64 million dollar question when we go to Crooked River Winery on the NSW south coast near Gerringong. 251 more words

Wine Wednesday

One Hexagon Born Every Minute

Well, probably every 15 minutes! I am having a big catch up session on one for my very favourite programmes- Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute. 199 more words


10 Pairs of Commonly Confused Animals

It’s a situation familiar to almost everybody: the slowly creeping doubt that sets in when, for example, the gift left by a cat on the doorstep could be either a frog or a toad—or when the animal devouring your little brother… 1,034 more words


Fiestas Patrias

As if the Santiago festival goings-on weren’t exciting enough, it’s also Independence Day in Peru today!  And, as they do best, the Peruvians celebrate their… 607 more words