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Adventures in Anosmia - day 41

So, New Year’s day and the festivities are over. We have the rump-end-remains of the week, a weekend of sulking, then back to work on Monday, the hardest, darkest Monday of the year. 545 more words


8 Reasons Why You Should Take Alpha Lipoic Acid

There’s a big bunch of new antioxidants being sold on markets all over the world. Regardless, one of the best ones we can get has been around for decades: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). 456 more words

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Life on Acid - day 23

Continuing the story of a journey into and out of anosmia, or maybe the other way round. Things have settled pretty much into a  pattern now  – no sense of smell initially on waking, but returning once I’m up and about. 393 more words


Life on Acid- Day 17

07:15 am: No initial awareness of a sense of smell on waking, but focussed attention brought out the cherry scented candle at my bedside, and a faint perfume from my wife’s dressing table. 380 more words


Adventures in and out of Anosmia - day 14

07:15 am:  Some scent on waking, but very muted – had to bring my nose very close to the cherry scented candle at my bedside in order to detect its odour. 528 more words


Adventures in and out of Anosmia - day 13

07:15: Sense of smell gone!

There was nothing on waking, nothing on rising. No awareness of the scent of different rooms. Cannot smell even ground coffee. 594 more words