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Game by definition is the ability to alter ones perception to appear more attractive. The “Game” isn’t the problem it’s what you’re willing to do to “win”. 1,153 more words


The 8 Things Men Need To Know About Modern Dating

Courtship has most certainly changed. Online dating and casual hookups have replaced meeting through friends and family introductions. For “The 8 Things Women Need To Know About Modern Dating,” click… 798 more words

How Manliness Affects Debt

So, here you are being a man.  A manly man. You have manly things, maybe you drive a manly vehicle and maybe you own manly guns. 382 more words

General Thoughts

Because You're Never too Young for a Nana Nap

Despite being a relatively young chap, Zack definitely loves his nana naps. I often find him sprawled atop the hay in this portacot near our donga. 303 more words


Chapter XXI: Lil Buddy WINS!!!

When alcohol and emotions mix I call it the “Elixir”. When the elixir happens at the bar when you have pretty women and non-confident men you get a recipe for disaster, but it’s a great strategy, let me explain. 775 more words


Slow burn

Another fun week of writing. I’ve published my newest story, part 4 of my sizzling Drawn In series, Naked Canvas.

Things have reached the breaking point between the main characters, and I’m barely involved in the writing process at all any more. 281 more words