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The Modern Day Alphabet Code

I’ve had the pleasure—and displeasure—of working in many call centers. And during my short career, most places I’ve worked all have something in common: the bastardization of The NATO Phonetic Alphabet.   354 more words


Alphabets are Go!

It’s a pleasure to announce that the ornamental alphabet I built over the summer will soon get the royal treatment in book form. Co-published with… 338 more words

Studio Prints & Posters

Twenty-six letters

Today I was thinking about the English language and realized something that is so blatantly obvious that I had never really given much thought to it before. 73 more words



This information is intended for use with the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

At a Glance

Espruar is the alphabet used by the elven language… 72 more words


An Alternative System of Stoicheia

Far be it from me, a ceremonial magician, to take something simple without introducing some complexity or confusion into it.

In continuing and reviewing my mathesis and Greek language-based mysticism research, there’s one modern book that’s invaluable to my studies: … 1,222 more words


Satellite Typography!

I saw this link and thought that not only was it amazing, but also very fitting for my blog! The human mind sees letters all over the place and is obsessed with trying to read and unravel things. 25 more words