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huruf ng untuk tenggelam dan mengapung

Terinspirasi oleh buku sains yang dilihat diperpustakaan oleh marpuang, kami mempelajari huruf ng.

Pertama mengenalkan kosa kata dengan huruf ng, seperti kacang, piring, bunga, kentang. Menebalkan huruf ng dengan clear folder. 62 more words

My Favorite Number

“Mommy, one is my favorite number. You know why? Because there is only one of ME!”

My son got his first real week of assignments back. 233 more words

Last Day of Summer (Part 3). Day 237

Part 3 of our Summer Fun Day.   Don’t worry.  Only one more part after this one.

Game #5:

This one was fun and I feel like it would be something fun to do one letter at a time and put a little bit more thought into.  106 more words


C comes to close,
chimes, “Oh! Hello,”
and commences
to catch water,

waiting for the ferry,
then the crossing,
and the long cruise
back to the city. 117 more words


5SOS Alphabet - "G"

“G” – Good Girls (Are Bad Girls That Haven’t Been Caught)




“Good Girls”

Do do do d-do do do do do do

She’s a good girl… 457 more words


"ABC Soup" Water Play

It makes me laugh to think that in a house full of fancy toys & play sets, it is always the simplest things that hold on to our children’s attention the most. 299 more words