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Someday, I'll Have My Nice Guy

I’m used to dating the bad boy type of guys — misunderstood, tough, rough, hot guy. The guy that everybody seems to want and chicks go for, with the thought that they’d be different and that they could change him into a better person. 524 more words

January and February - Collection Of Poems


the chaotic chirps of crows
forest fires
earthquakes and hurricanes
a sound in the dusty distance that annoys the shit out of you
waking up to a dead car battery… 1,509 more words


freebie: string alpha

This is an alpha with letters A through Z, in png format, 300dpi


*personal use only unless you… 53 more words

Personal Use Only Or CU License Needed

Alphas Review

Hey, how are you all today? I’m PSYCHED because Spring Break’s right around the corner for me, so I’m having potlucks in every class tomorrow and Friday. 729 more words

5 Reasons You Should Date A Nice Guy

We all know the phrase, “Nice guys finish last,” some maybe a little too well. However, in my experience, I don’t see nice guys finishing last. 602 more words

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today’s guest author — KaLyn Cooper

Hi, I’m KaLyn Cooper and I write what is called romantic factual fiction. My stories are based in true facts and I leave it up to the reader to figure out what’s fact and what’s my imagination. 1,089 more words

Alphas S03E03 "Alpha Dogs"

I really enjoyed this episode of Alphas. It essentially stole the Fight Club concept, but I think it was done really well.

We start out with the Alphas getting a call that a fellow Alpha has been murdered. 487 more words

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