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Brightly Still

I didn’t sleep again last night; the monsters kept me up. Can you check the closet? Can you hold me a little longer and we can count the constellations together, name off the stars like they’re long lost family: old lovers, brothers, sisters, mothers. 195 more words


alright monday

alright monday what kind of bullshit you got for me this time? monday quote


Life's not that bad

We all feel sad sometimes and we all experience something what makes us feel upset sometimes. That’s okay, ’cause that’s life. Life is so unpredictable and you know what? 406 more words

What The Summer Taught Me: It's Not Alright, But I Am

As of this year, August 19 became a personal holiday. I’m still deciding on an official holiday name, but for now I’m going with “The Day I Didn’t Die.” And yes, arguably, every day I live could be counted as this holiday, but this particular day was different. 800 more words


Alright, already

My latest article for The Week is on the spelling alright: why so many people hate it – and why you should ignore them: 9 more words

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