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REVIEW: Esta Coda - "Kindness"

Those familiar with A Social State and A Fire with Friends, two of the bands sharing members with Scranton’s Esta Coda, will find a lot of love on this group’s debut EP, “Kindness.” Delivering five tracks of gripping, uplifting alt-rock, “ 454 more words


Watch The Sky - 'Watch The Sky' EP Review

I’ve got a real turbulent relationship with pop-punk. I’ve mentioned it before, in a previous review, but it bears repeating: pop-punk has a habit of being painfully generic and falling into stereotypes. 386 more words


Pixies -- Indie Cindy

First Pixies album in over 22 years that would have made a good Pixies album about 20 years ago if the band had not left the stage back then. 356 more words

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Lonesome Review: Se Delan - The Fall

By: Chip McCabe

Our world is shrinking.  Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, our world grows smaller and smaller.  Technology has seen to it that what was once an insurmountable distance between creative forces is now a mouse click away.  535 more words

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ALBUM REVIEW: Pixies- Indie Cindy

The Pixies are LEGENDS. There’s no way around that. Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are not only two of the best indie rock records of all time, they’re two of the best records of all time, period. 835 more words

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Daisyhead and Have Mercy make for dynamic duo

I constantly thank god for the internet some days.  While yes, it comes in handy for finding concert tickets and googling why my stomach always seems to hurt after drinking coffee, its most fruitful use is discovering the next great band or release.   555 more words