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Boston: My First Altar Lace

In August of 2000, my family and I lived in a little apartment in Boston, Massachusetts.  My husband was working for BBN (later Genuity), and we were two years into our east coast adventure.  909 more words


On Keeping the Occult Occulted

I’m extraordinarily lucky in my occult practice that I live as a free adult in my ostensibly secular country, without the control or necessarily involvement of my family, coworkers, or even roommates.   2,577 more words


At the Altar

The altar is the beginning of many things.

When you came into this world and as a small child…

At the ALTAR you were dedicated. 95 more words


He goes by the name satan,which is greek for enemy.He is the accuser of the brethren described in isaiah,ezekiel and revelation as the day star,son of the morning star.His passion is to kill,steal and to destroy you,according to john 10.10.How do we overcome him .Revelation 12.10 says,by the blood of the lamb,the word of our testimony and we do not love our lives unto death.This is activated,the authority i mean, upon recieving jesus as lord and saviour,Romans 10.9_10.We are to resist Satan.He is a spirit,by being born of the spirit.In an experience known as being born again .After being again,you can contend ,an overcome satan with jesus righteousness.If you have not accepted jesus christ today pray this prayer.”Lord jesus i acknowledge that you are the son of God,who came down and lived among men being of like flesh,you died for my all sins,in my entire life and rose on the third day,victorious of death,hell and the grave,i recieve you into my heart and accept you as my lord and savior .amen


Beltane Altar 2014

My latest Beltane altar, built on the first night of the Full Moon.  Needs more phalloi.