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Rituals and Moon Cycles

It’s always important to know what type of ritual to perform based on the moon’s cycle. I wanted to share this with all my fellow Wiccans and Pagans throughout the world, as this… 122 more words


Not Just Baroque

Even though Baroque seems to dominate the churches in Upper Austria, I also noticed many other styles and examples. Some churches are still in the Gothic style, as for example the church in Gampern (built 1497-1507). 146 more words


First Altar

Good evening everyone! I’m posting from my phone again today because
it’s just too warm to sit in front of my PC.

I set up my altar for the first time today, I’ve still not consecrated my tools or my altar area so I’ve not actually used it yet, but I wanted to start getting a layout in my head. 184 more words


Finally set up an altar

Got an altar to Athena set up on my book shelf with my books, herbs, tools and crystals. I had an old Macedonian coin standing in for a likeness of her, but her Statue came today and I swear when I set up I could feel her there. 39 more words


Ansiedade de uma noiva de pastor

Meninas, algo que aprendi após o meu casamento foi isso: não fui abençoada porque Deus teve peninha de mim!

Quando estamos namorando ou noivas de um pastor auxiliar, costumamos “mergulhar” em propósitos super espirituais, como jejuns de longas horas, leitura acelerada da Bíblia e sacrifícios em campanhas – seja vendendo tudo, fazendo faxinas ou doações, enfim, vivemos este momento com um pensamento de muita humilhação, e mesmo que não haja nenhuma cobrança, nos colocamos nesta posição de NADA, pois a única coisa que queremos é fazer a Obra e ir aos confins desta Terra com nosso futuro amor. 319 more words

The Altar Project

I have an obsession with altars…  For years I’ve been wanting to do a series of photos centered around altars.  Today, I start.

This was the first altar I ever designed and the inspiration for the many to follow.


Leviticus 6:13 nlt

The priests in Israel were to keep the altar fires burning.
They were not to let the fire die.
So it is with us, we must tend the fire on the altar of our heart. 40 more words

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