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On Altar Stones, Patient Priests, and Inquisitive Kids

At your parish, do you know which saint’s relics are contained in the main altar of your church?

Neither we nor our pastor knew the answer to this question until a recent weekday when my wife and our oldest son went to daily mass. 807 more words

Catholic Joy

Welcome to Pagan Friday

Did anyone get to see the solar eclipse yesterday? There’s a giant hospital next door so we didn’t, but the pics on tv and the Net were beautiful. 324 more words


Colourful Altars Along The Spiritual Path.

I sit here surrounded by a beautiful chaos, there is order and where it is not so you will find a view of gorgeous fabrics. A purple and silver sari draped over various massage related bits and pieces, above it a much darker purple belly dance scarf with two rows of silver coins. 393 more words

Gate Crasher At The Ancestor Altar

Like most obsessed sorcerers I have several altars around my house. Sorry, according to Rinpoche I’m not obsessed, I’m “dedicated,” that sounds nicer. I’ve downsized recently, but I have my general and planetary altar, my chöd altar, my wealth altar, my Buddhist altar (okay a few of those), and my ancestor altar (recently just added a second one of those to discuss later). 1,085 more words


Sacred Altars

Oak and Willow Coven, ASW: Beltane 2014

” As above ~ So below”
The microcosm within the macrocosm

When we set up sacred space to do ritual there is generally a central or main altar that is placed in the center of the space. 547 more words

Year And A Day Course


In 45 days, I am going to be leaving the west coast, probably for good.  (I allow for the possibility that in a couple of years I may fly back for a weekend to do something like Pantheacon, but as this is going to be my third cross-country move that shit is getting old now and I’d like to stay put for awhile and there are worse places to do it than New England.) 1,443 more words

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