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The Pitfalls of Syncretism

It was some months ago now, almost a year, when I first began writing posts for the blog. One of my first posts was on Syncretism, the practice of incorporating elements from different, sometimes vastly different culturally beliefs, into your own. 1,521 more words


That Flamin' Eclipse

Now might be a great time to sit down luna lovelies and grab a cup of something wonderful as we discuss all manner of Things related to the upcoming full moon. 1,287 more words


Storm Altar

April and May are probably the most dangerous months where I live in Tornado Alley.  Between damaging winds and hail and a near constant threat of tornadoes, Spring is the season I dread the most, despite how much we need the rain from these storms to break the drought we’ve been in for a very long time. 446 more words


Lady of Sorrows

Today is the sixth Friday of Lent and Oaxaca is commemorating Viernes de Dolores, the Friday of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Municipality of Oaxaca, the Ministry of Tourism, and Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca extended an invitation to a free… 147 more words


High Altar

Newcastle’s Cathedral has been the most difficut to photograph, it’s so dark….its beautiful with lots of stained glass windows, but really dark…..a challenge for the happy snapper, and you only had to pay 2.00 to be allow to take photos.   9 more words


Trying To Find Some Balance

Very few know the struggle right now that my family and I are going through. And trying to maintain some sense of balance within myself has been hard the past two weeks.  189 more words


By Nneoma Anieto.

My close friend Ody was jilted at the altar, well since she’s not the groom I should say jilted at the church foyer.

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