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People Live Where?

Keeping with the theme of challenging conceptions this collection of pictures demonstrates a world that few, if any, of us know. It’s surprisingly beautiful. Although, in order not to glorify economic inequality I feel it necessary to state that not all scenes that could be photographed in some of these places would seem so fanciful. 12 more words

An observation and a suggestion

A bit more of my slightly different perception of things.

People, when excited about a particular thing, have a tendency to emphatically state something to the effect of, it changed my life! 131 more words

All it takes is one time.

I mean, think about it. All it takes is one person, one moment, one event, or one experience to forever alter your life. Whether those alterations are good or bad, that depends on the situation. 222 more words

State of mind

Most things on our mind are over or doesn’t exist but we kept dwelling on the past, which is over & worried about the future that’s non existence in our current state, in this point of time & at this moment. 37 more words


Fox Family Style

I ordered a few yards of various knits from Girl Charlee, and it finally arrived earlier this evening! I’m most excited about this print- even though I’m still not sure what I want to make with it.  235 more words


The Tale of the Brain-Homing Cat Bug.

Episode One

A Personal Tale

So imagine yourself a little mouse, Melvin’s the name. You are happily married and, as mice couples generally do, pop out about one or two children a week, so you’ve got a pretty large family. 826 more words

Proper Interesting Posts

Scientists Question Safety Of Genetically Altering Human Eggs

hide captionUp till now, all babies have had two genetic parents. That could soon change.

Kl?pper & Eisenschmidt GbR/iStockphoto

A panel of government advisers has expressed serious concerns about a controversial proposal to allow scientists to try to make babies using eggs that have been genetically altered to include DNA from another woman. 344 more words