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Week 7 - Legatooo

Hi! As I said in previous post – next few weeks I’ll try to improve my legato skills. I’m really bad in this technique right now, but I’m doing my best. 50 more words


Week 6 - Legato

Hi! This week I practised a new technique – legato.

Legato (which in music means long, smooth) is acknowledged as the effect created by using hammer-ons and pull-offs and is responsible for the fluid sound produced by players. 101 more words


Week 5 - MOAR Sweep Picking!

Hi! This week I’m adding new sweep picking exercise, this time using two four-note arpeggios. It’s harder than playing triplets, so I will need some time to get it right. 27 more words


Week 4 - Sweep Picking

Hi! This week I’m adding to my practise schedule my favourite technique – Sweep Picking.

Sweep Picking is a technique that involves picking more than one note with a single continuous stroke of the pick. 45 more words


Week 3 - Economy Picking

Hi! This week I started to practise Economy Picking. Economy Picking is just a combination of Alternate Picking and Sweep Picking. This helps you to get maximum results with the minimum of effort. 33 more words


Week 2 - Why so slow?

Hi, here’s my new video. This week I had some middle finger issues (this had to happen) ;D But it’s ok now. In this video I added new Alternate Picking exercise and I raised tempo a little bit. 161 more words