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"The Brothers Alter" - Short Fiction

“This is insane.”

“Absolutely relative.”

“No, what’s relative is my relationship to you, and at the moment, it’s being tested!”

Heights are no friend to brothers Gween and Gwan. 882 more words


Wonderland - Tenth [Last Chapter]

The game is over. What will you do after this?

If you hold it even longer and don’t messing around,

You may have a happy life, right? 2,041 more words


Countdown To The Heaven [1/?]

Countdown To The Heaven

Chapter 1

Wanita itu menggigil kedinginan di dekat sebuah pusat perbelanjaan di London. Kebetulan, salju turun dengan deras malam ini. Wanita itu terus mengedarkan pandangannya seakan takut akan sesuatu. 864 more words


Jasper Fforde

I’ve recently gotten into the Thursday Next series of books by author Jasper Fforde, and let me tell you, those books just blew my mind. 210 more words





A fanfiction by Scarlett Li


main-cast : KAI (Kim Jongin) , OC (Kim Hankyung)

sub-cast : OC (Hwang Jisoo), OC (Kim Haneul) 6,699 more words

Alternate Universe

One choice, infinite change.

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if your parents had sent you to a different high school?

I’d like to imagine that most primary school are quite similar, a place for kids to be kids and begin to learn basic skills. 347 more words