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Looking Back

It’s strange to look back at your life. It’s strange to look behind you and remember a different person with different thoughts who could do different things and knew different things. 917 more words


On Alternate Universes

Don’t run off to quickly on this one, but I’ve been watching the Rizzoli and Isles TV show a lot recently and it’s left me thinking about the differences and similarities in the characters.  523 more words


Space Dandy 2 - 01

Space Dandy is back, baby! But as Dandy himself laments in the middle of this particularly chaotic episode, they “came back too much.” After trying to pass a cow off as an alien, Scarlett gives them a stern life counseling session, suggesting they may not be cut out for alien hunting, being the worst such hunters she’s ever seen. 303 more words

Anime Reviews

The Cracks in the Kingdom

There was a big to-do around the book blogosphere when the first book in this series, A Corner of White, came out last year. They were giving away the book with a Moleskine journal and a mug in matching colors, with a different color combination on each blog doing the giveaway. 530 more words


How to Fail at Poaching Without Even Trying [Marvel Fanfiction, 2658 words]

Author: Lywinis

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Mentions of poaching/animal abuse

Word Count: 2658

Universe: Marvel (Cinematic Universe, Pokemon fusion)

Characters: Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Bruce Banner, Hobgoblin… 2,892 more words

Character: Phil Coulson

Coffee, Black [Marvel Fanfiction, 1461 words]

Author: Lywinis

Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: None, mentions of mourning

Word Count: 1461

Universe: Marvel (Cinematic Universe)

Characters: Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff… 1,565 more words

Character: Phil Coulson

Bad Moon Rising [Marvel Fanfiction, 3241 words]

Author: Lywinis

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, blood

Word Count: 3241

Universe: Marvel (Cinematic Universe, 616 mentions of old plots)

Characters: Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Jasper Sitwell, Agent Amara Kota… 3,511 more words

Character: Phil Coulson