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Things you never thought you would hear

“It’s not that I want to kick Jogi and Hansi out, it’s that they’ve kicked me out.”

That’s not sentence I ever thought I’d hear. Our conversation about characters and alternate universes took the most interesting and unexpected turn and that was the result. 1,258 more words

Jogi Löw

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Having seen Terry Pratchett being interviewed and talking about this book at the Hay Festival a couple of years ago, I was very pleased to receive it as a birthday gift. 357 more words

Of Pirates and Blurred Borders

Have you ever thought about how improbable the global system of air travel is?

Nearly every country on the planet allows fully loaded jets to enter its airspace multiple times a day, and–even more improbably– land… 296 more words

Through The Commentator's Glasses

Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror (Review)

The first Star Trek pilot, The Cage, was produced in 1964. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, this December we are reviewing the second season of the original Star Trek show. 3,736 more words

Star Trek

Continuing to be Continued

So I haven’t kept up to date on book stuff, but it is still moving.  My guess is ~25k more words, then I’ll print a couple copies of both and ask for opinions while I go back and edit for clunkiness and whatever strikes me as unfit to print… for a second or third time. 365 more words

Alternate Universes