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It's a battery! ... It's an appliance! ... It's a battery!

This is where Don Pardo from Saturday Night Live comes in booming, “Relax kids, the new JLM Energizr is a battery AND an appliance!

“Okay … why would I want this?” you ask.  370 more words

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Which Hot Water System Works Best for Your Family?

There are two major types of hot-water collector systems on the market, and I’ll briefly explain both here.

In an open system, your home’s water supply is sent through the collector panels and heated. 279 more words

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Electric Cars - The cart before the horse

The sheer enthusiasm and innovation that has sprung up in recent years for designing cool, efficient electric vehicles excites me tremendously.

Some very industrious folk have taken a vision, run with it and produced – without a doubt – the stuff of science fiction movies. 588 more words


Phenomenal Panel Pursuits, Part II

Sharp Demonstrates Ultra-Efficient Solar Cells; New technology could be twice as efficient at converting sunlight to electricity

June 20, 2014

“The best solar cells convert less than one-third of the energy in sunlight into electricity, although for decades researchers have calculated that exotic physics could allow them to convert far more. 376 more words

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Phenomenal Panel Pursuits, Part 1

Okay, so you’re missing out on about $250,000 in energy savings if you wait 20 years for this tech to pop up in stores near you. 959 more words

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