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SOLAR HEALING - amazing news

From the publication Diabetes 

Stunning news on 1. Blood pressure lowered 2 Metabolism improved 3. Diabetes prevented 4. weight gain slowed 5. heart and blood vessels benefit 6. 115 more words


Implications of Fusion Power

The hype accompanying the Lockheed announcement of its fusion power development distorted the potential benefits of fusion power.

There is no question that fusion power has great potential, and could be the primary source of electricity when other power generation methods are no longer available, but it has limitations. 1,176 more words


Micropower’s Quiet Takeover

In a cover story and article 14 years ago about the emergent disruption of utilities, The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran coined the umbrella term “micropower” to mean sources of electricity that are relatively small, modular, mass-producible, quick-to-deploy, and hence rapidly scalable—the opposite of cathedral-like power plants that cost billions of dollars and take about a decade to license and build. 592 more words


Solar Discounts Are Now Employee Perks At Select Companies

Expanding the notion of corporate benefits beyond discounted health club memberships and low insurance rates, a group of major companies is set to offer employees access to cheaper solar systems for the home. 135 more words