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Always Send Your Best Ideas Gift-Wrapped

When I was a kid living on one-way Elice Street, my dad helped me to build a “lab” for science projects in my bedroom. The lab consisted of a low work bench, across which I spread my microscope, petri dishes, and various other chemistry set staples. 489 more words


Are there too many EV charging stations? Not Enough? Both.

I originally reported this article to run as part of the Arizona Sonora News Service here.

The lack of electric vehicle charging stations along major travel routes in Arizona is hindering sales and functionality of electric cars throughout the state. 758 more words


Anthropogenic Climate Change

I’m can’t be the only person out there who is exhausted by climate change, or global warming, or whatever it’s called at the moment.  As a person who understands mathematical models, and as a consumer who was completely taken in by the whole “fat is bad” error/lie, I’m not willing to just take “97% of scientists” at their word, not ever again. 423 more words


'PUMP': The Film Setting Out to 'Change Your Attitude About Fuel Forever' | Sustainable Brands

This sounds pretty interesting. Rather than simply bashing the oil industry, it seems to be also offering up realistic alternatives that are being developed right now. 20 more words

Sustainability - Old School And New Tech

US China Affiliation -- N-Viro International and Southwest University of Science and Technology

Toledo, Ohio, September 10, 2014 – N-Viro International (NVIC: OTCQB) and N-Viro Energy Limited have entered the business incubator program on the campus of Southwest University of Science and Technology (SWUST) in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, China. 553 more words


Sort Out The Cars

If we stopped using petrol and deisel to power our cars and used an alternative, then the world would use 75% less oil than it is currently using. 132 more words

Reality Party