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Januera 2015 The Big Phat MultiMedia Mixtape

Over 50 recently released songs – Australian Hip Hop – Mp3 and Mp4

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Artists include: BigRedCap, Provocalz, Hilltop Hoods, Illy, Horrorshow, Drapht, Seth Sentry, Tkay Maidza, Thundamentals, Cortext, Tryumph, Kerser, Marksman Lloyd, Gold D Lox, Rates, Ivan Ooze, Isaac The Kid, Fortay, Lostkeyz, Purpose, Davie Darko, Lady Lash, Nihilist, Scepaz, Myth 4, Double, Dseeva, Tycotic, P.Smurf, Hyjak, Son Of Sam, DEX, Locally Known, LMxEC, Fozzey & VanC, DT3, Sam Paul, Flye, Scotopic, Jay Daniels, Koolta, L FRESH LION, Hunter, Yobi Masenqo, Stefan Williamson, Krisie B, Flip Script, Justified, D3A7H, Indighost, Nate power, Stevie Kincade, Imperial Minds Collective, Suburban Dark, Rens, Morpheus Justin, Cyex, BirdzEyeVisions, Skhitlz, Filthy Fil, TradeMarc, Hauie, Hails, Floria, Relevent, Profitable Doubt, OneMike, B.Dillz and more. 19 more words

Australian Hip Hop

Watsky - Strong As An Oak

As I’ve rarely, or even at all, posted hip-hop and rap I’m going to start with something that’s not that hardcore and see if we have people that enjoy it! 65 more words

E s t a r a

E s t a r a - Teebs

He’s signed to Flying Lotus’s record label ‘Brainfeeder’. If you enjoyed Early Riser by Taylor Mcferrin (previously reviewed), then I think you’ll enjoy this album too. 459 more words



by Petula Caesar

Bad weather was no match for those who wanted to see one of the best lineups of locally-based artists to share a stage — or to those wanting to support a great cause. 31 more words


Old School Record Review #32- Noah23

This week on Old School Record Review, Canadian Alternative Hip Hop artist Noah23 Skyped into the show to talk about his album Street Astrology.  Noah and Dave got into topics ranging from psychedelics and shamanism to Theosophy and Hermeticism. 60 more words


Majid Jordan

A Place Like This (EP) - Majid jordan

You know Drake right? I mean come on who doesn’t. So then you’ll know the track ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ (and I expect you’ll be able to rap along to it perfectly, almost as good as me I’m sure).  384 more words