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Alt Hist Issue 6 Published

The latest issue of the bestselling historical fiction magazine

Issue 6 of Alt Hist has now been published!

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Yeah, I don't really have a title today.


And doesn’t the new format look LOVELY, my dears?

We’re getting into the routine with school and everything, which is good. I stayed up too late last night reading Harry Turtledove’s RETURN ENGAGEMENT. 100 more words

Order Out Of Chaos: The Doctrine That Runs The World

Written By Brandon Smith | August 13th, 2014 | Alt-Market

“From The Days of Spartacus-Weishaupt To Those Of Karl Marx, And Down To Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), And Emma Goldman (United States), This World-Wide Conspiracy For The Overthrow Of Civilization And For The Reconstitution Of Society On The Basis Of Arrested Development, Of Envious Malevolence, And Impossible Equality, Has Been Steadily Growing. 1,782 more words

The Inner Workings

Book Review: Nation by Terry Pratchett

Nation by Sir Terry Pratchett 

Available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats

As some of you may have heard, Sir Terry Pratchett has had to cancel an appearance at a UK  convention due to the… 433 more words

Book Reviews

Israel & Gaza - a Cymru Perspective

Imagine, if you will, that Plaid Cymru decided to adopt an extremist militant policy. Mindful that the whole of the island of Britain had once been their land, they decided to declare war on the United Kingdom. 191 more words

Writing Challenge – What if humans were more diverse?

Last year I wrote a a story for the Fringe Works NeaDNAthal anthology. Needless to say, it featured NeaDNAthals. In a sci-fi setting of course, fighting a future war. 209 more words


What if?, U.S. "presidents" edition

From Brad DeLong’s 10-year-old archives, a fascinating alternative history by his brother, Chris, based on the notion that instead of taking the late-18th-century British Constitution, “dry-cleaned, brushed, and patched,” and adopting it, the Framers in 1787 instead adopted the Imperial Roman practice in which each Emperor “‘adopted’ the leading military politician of the next generation as his successor.” Oddly enough, for the most part we’d’ve been OK, it seems, although we still would’ve been screwed in the mid-19th century — Lincoln certainly did better than any career military man of the time could have, and we still ended up with 600,000 dead — and might well have been screwed during the Depression and the ’80s as well. YMMV, of course.