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But can Mr.Coffee do this..

I have two electric kettles, one is for utility purposes… it hits 212 then shuts off and that’s all it does..

It works fine to boil eggs assuming you don’t just kerplunk the eggs in… 173 more words


Have a Kid or Stay Kid-Free - What's Your Opinion?

So I finally have some downtime and I felt compelled to write.  Not only to let my “fans” know that I’m alright, but to also clear up all the thoughts running through my head. 948 more words

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The colorful Interior shot...

Aside from dinner, its about books, all things shiny, study, work, hiding out and generally living like a medieval monk.

It’s mostly quiet… not counting whatever racket I generate or music that amuses my neighbors… 26 more words

Guy Stuff

'What issue of private property? It's empty!' Stigmatization and self-image of squatters in Amsterdam

By Zuzana Žurkinová

Let me start with a personal story, to clarify why and how I happened to write this paper. As I was thinking just now about ‘squatting’ in my life, I realized I had come across it several times already, but had never paid attention to it and did not know what it entailed. 7,121 more words


Thanks for the likes and follows

I write mostly about cooking because its kind of a big deal, its major part, but not all of life. Infrastructure is a factor as well.. 139 more words


Guy in a van..

Same deal as the girl only hes not as energetic.. I suspect a trust fund, rather than having to hustle and make a living.

But whatever.. 305 more words

#Alternative Lifestyles

Girl in a van.

I stopped and had a few chats with her over the course of the season, its one of the hazards of being interested in how other people do things… be it dinner, living space, earning a living or off grid life in general. 267 more words

#Alternative Lifestyles