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Favorites from 2014 (2)

Skypetography: Thailand

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I am a photographer, I create images using alternative photographic processes

Alternative Photography

Carbon printing from wet plate positive

4×5 with original carbon tissue, exposure time 4min. in the morning of sunny day

Alternative Photography

Space Photography Mini-Series

The other day my friend called me and asked me what I was doing? I said, “I’m shooting from outspace.” He laughed. I said, “No for reals! 79 more words


Experimentation #3

The continuation of experimentation of kitchen chemicals continues.

This intriguing shape was formed by a small dribble of washing up liquid, that was left to dry naturally over a period of seven days. 105 more words


Remaining image from the past (過去の残像)

先日、かわいらしいプリントフレームを購入しました。 19世紀のものらしいのですが、4x5インチサイズのガラスがちょうど収まります。 
I got a tiny contact printing frame the other day. It’s likely from 19 century and 4×5 inch glass fits in it.

便利なスタンドつき。 It has a stand. 72 more words


New carbon tissue test (新しいカーボンティシュのテスト)

先日購入したSandy Kingさんの本から作ったカーボンティシュでプリントテスト。
プリントは失敗してますが、ティシュそのものはくるんくるん丸まらなくて、なかなかいい感じです。 プリントの画像が薄いのはたぶん露光不足。 夕方ほとんど日が暮れかけてるときに30分露光しましたが、UVが足りなかったようです。

Test prints with new carbon tissue from Sandy’s book. The prints didn’t go well but tissue itself was pretty good without curling. 38 more words

Alternative Photography