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"Chemical Pictures" for salt prints

新しい本が届きました。 以前に購入したQuinnさんの別の本Chemical Pictures: Making Wet Collodion Negatives: Albumen, Salt, & Collodio-Chloride Printsです。

ネガ作りに苦戦した末Quinnさんにメールで質問したら、この本を買ったら教えてあげるよ、とのこと(笑 しっかり営業)。 本のレビューがいまいちよくないのでためらいましたが通信講座の授業料と思って買いました。 前回の本に比べたら薄っぺらくて、うーん、微妙・・・と思ったけれど、中身は私が想像していたよりずっとよかったです。

さっそく手順に従ってやりました。 でも今日は失敗のオンパレード。。

いつかこのサイトのようなsalt printを作りたいです。

Alternative Photography

A little Light

Shot via Skype (Skypetography) I was in Los Angeles when I shot this while my model was 1/2 the world away — in Thailand.

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Skypetography: Laos

One of my friends was traveling to Laos – and let me shoot some skypetography while they were there. =) Here is one of the shots of the town. 21 more words


Botanical Artists: Anna Atkins and Elizabeth Blackadder Influenced Responses

As well as coming from an arty background, I also study biology and so wanted to incorporate science into my project. Atkins and Blackadder are examples of botanists who use art in order to convey their findings and to collate their work. 162 more words


There and Gone

I really have found both that I love to shoot empty beds but also shooting before and after shots — Of people in bed resting and then no longer there. 65 more words


Skypetography: Holland House

Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2014 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserved


Skypetography: New Zealand Varient Image

A Skype shoot I shoot with a model in New Zealand a few weeks ago — I posted a variant edit of this on my Instagram if you want to see it slightly different. 48 more words