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Gum Bichromate Struggles and Successes

I devoted my winter break to making decent gum bichromate prints, and so far, after 14 hours, I’ve got mixed results. Which is no surprise, since I’m such a newbie, and this process is not for the faint-at-heart. 298 more words

Evening of the Leaf

I noted previously that I had collected some leaves in Annapolis a while back for possible future use and this is one of them.  These particular leaves (wish I knew which tree they came from) turn into skeletons after falling from the tree. 43 more words

Alternative Process

From the Depths

There are many ways to make a lumen print, each offering its own results.  In this particular case I drizzled water on the paper and plants before putting it into the sun.   21 more words

Alternative Process

2015: Year of the Print

I’ve been mulling over what I want to do for a photography project after enjoying my 52Rolls.net project for 2014 (all my posts).  I considered doing another year with that project, but focusing on a single camera and/or film, but I think I want to explore the printing side of things. 374 more words


Leaf Venn Diagram

This is the time of year when I move more to working inside.  I have a pile of negatives from which to work and have started on them, but thought that I would start with scans of some lumen prints I made earlier. 54 more words

Alternative Process

Retrospective Innocence

Retrospective Innocence

This project explores the complexities of childhood and the psychological shift that occurs through a loss of innocence. The work was inspired by looking at my own childhood photo album images and experiencing a sense of disconnect with the virtue and spirit in the photographs. 141 more words

My first adventure in the world of alternative processes

Well, almost first, I’ve done lith printing before, but this is my very first Gum Bichromate print. I’m not yet convinced if I like it or not, but it’s for sure that the scan doesn’t do my print justice….. 52 more words

Film Photography