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Killinthomas Turf Camp - Pinhole Obscura Reblog

In the years 1939 to 1945 large scale turf camps were built on the Bog of Allen with a view to harvesting turf on an industrial scale. 135 more words

Film Photography

I'm missing Paris

I was looking through my old film pictures, found that shot of Concorde and instantly felt melancholic.

A trip to Paris need to be scheduled soon…


Magpie Pinhole

Wildlife photography pinhole style.

CSA | Studio Visit

Enter My Studio

Ann Simmons, one of the co-founders of the CSA, paid me a visit to see my studio space and to discover the process that goes into creating my imagery. 15 more words


Portrait of Isobelle

Whole plate tintype (6.5″ x 8.5″).  19th century wet plate collodion process.  7 sec. exposure under 12 6500K UV tubes.  I made this portrait in my studio at Taylors Mill.


Calm Seas

Taken off the Oregon Coast.

The Walls of Paradise

I am working on another project that will involve a DASS transfer. I am currently researching what beauty is often stemmed from violence, and this has led me to what apprehension surrounds paradise. So far, I’ve found it interesting to read that places of paradise are guarded, to keep people in or out. I’ve started photographing isolated landscapes, and have cropped the images square as a way to indicate the walls used to protect these utopias.

Fine Art