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We hung all the photos today for this show. I learned quite a few things today about installing exhibitions, as well as tips for improving my work for future shows. 9 more words


Burning negatives!

I have been experimenting with burning negatives! Photos were taken using my Holga 120GCFN with Ilford Hp5+ film.  I processed the film as usual then burnt the negatives using a lighter and scanned them in using an epson v750 scanner. 16 more words


Fingerpainting Emulsion

In our workshop after learning how to coat evenly, applying the emulsion to 5mil (thousandths of an inch), we ended up with some extra emulsion.  It appeared that there was not enough to properly coat a piece of paper, so with gloves on I poured this remainder onto a sheet of Strathmore Bristol and used my fingers to spread it around. 174 more words

Alternative Process

The Past in the Present

For the majority of the world today, digital is the way to go.  Some still use film, and while antiquated processes are making a comeback in the art world, most people have no idea what daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, tin types, etc. 248 more words

Scream Queens View-Master Custom Reel Set

It’s been a while since I editioned a new custom View-master set, so I made a new Scream Queens reel with Mosh, Anastasia Arteyeva, Glass Olive, Victoria Elle and Briana Robertson.   47 more words


learning something old

april 8, 2014

lens test, 1887 Voigtlander lens. I need to learn to pour developer on the entire plate

Joel-Peter Witkin: An Objective Eye

An important documentary from director Thomas Marino, taking a profound and introspective look into the life and art of controversial artist, Joel-Peter Witkin. Along with in-depth interviews with Joel-Peter Witkin, the film features interviews from prominent artists, photographers, and scholars who share insight into the impact of Witkin’s work and influence on modern culture. 24 more words