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Braddock Farms

Braddock Farms is located on Braddock Avenue and is part of GrowPittsburgh.org.  It seems to get bigger each time I see it, and indeed that is the case.   95 more words

Alternative Process

Palladium print

A palladium print I finished last night in my darkroom.

Negative: 5×7 EFKE E.I. 50, developed with HC-110 (sol. B)

To have an idea of what the process is (and what I went through…) check the blog of my friend José Miguel Ferreira

5×7 palladium print


Alternative Processes || Negative Bleaching

Lately I’ve been thinking about how photography preserves objects in stasis, freezing them as they have been, but in the same breath, removing them from the reality that they existed in, framing them in outside the temporal state and instead becoming something different all together. 372 more words


Red tomatoes

One of three final tomato prints.  The other two sold before I could take a photo of them.  This one has some speckling.  I don’t really mind it too much.. 10 more words

Gum Bichromate

New Xerox Transfers

These xerox transfers were created with one of my favorite models in Portland.  I had been using acetone for my transfers but since I’ve been teaching the workshops at a local art store, it’s worked out to use the Chartpak blending markers instead of acetone- safer and you can get these sketchy “charcoal”-like results. 33 more words


Drum - Firing sequence

25 gallon down to 5 gallon metal drum (the smaller the size the quicker the firing, (practical to fire a few at a time), sawdust, straw, small kindling wood, split wood, lighter fluid, red iron oxide, course sea salt, copper carbonate, plastic cups, sponge, soapy water, scourers, brush, soft cloth. 421 more words



Final print of carrots.  Gum bichromate over cyanotype.  11in x 17in

Gum Bichromate